Realizing this is a wuxia world


Realizing this is a wuxia world: The system informed Cui Heng that the new planet he had transmigrated to was a high-grade Xianxia realm.
It was a planet where dreadful creatures controlled the fields and Celestial Kings flew through the skies. Cui Heng quavered in terror as he realised how terrifying the new world was, knowing that the powerful might destroy a planet if their mood was poor.
Thank goodness, the system had given him 300 years of protection. He wouldn’t sustain any harm as long as he stayed inside the secure area.
After ensuring his safety, he started his 300-year cultivation training.
During his training over the years, a few people inadvertently wandered into his safety zone.

Realizing this is a wuxia world
Realizing this is a wuxia world

There was was a farmer who doubled as a beggar and a monk. Despite this, he continued to harbour the hope of establishing world peace and sparing the lives of millions of people.
A nobleman once earned the moniker “once in a million year genius.” However, luck was not on his side, and his skill failed, leading to years of ridicule from others.
One princess had a single wish: to track out her elder brother. She had the choice to become a heavenly, but she choose to stay in the human world as she awaited her brother’s arrival.
A frail woman who had been ailing her entire life had the desire to go on adventures and aid the weak and destitute.
These individuals were befriended by Cui Heng, who even provided them.

These folks became friends with Cui Heng, and he even gave them some advice before they went.
He ultimately mastered the Golden Core 300 years later, when the protective period was over. He was still hesitant to venture out into the outside world even then.
But when he did, he understood that the world was nothing more than a Wuxia universe.


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