Breaking news: Why Asaram Bapu Case ignore?

Asaram Bapu Case In September 2022, the defence was given time to present the evidence in the Gandhinagar court, the last date was August 26, before this the statement of Pujya Shri was recorded in the court and the statements of other 7 people will also be recorded. Pujyashree has been made an accused in the court, while recording her statement in the court, said that a conspiracy is going on against her and this conspiracy is lived by those people who were expelled from the ashram 12 years ago, for your information also tell this There is an order to pronounce the verdict after hearing this case soon, in view of the judicial process, it can be said that by the end of this year, the verdict should be pronounced in this case too.

The victim of false accusations is Asharam Bapu All evidence points to his innocence, and the case is a complete fabrication in which the innocent suffer.

Why Asaram Bapu Case ignore?
Why Asaram Bapu Case ignore?

It’s quite shameful for Indian history, the judiciary, and the government.


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