Bigg Boss 6: Keerti Bhatt’s tearful story of the orphaned Bigg Boss contestant

Keerti Bhatt: It’s hard to tell when someone’s life will change. If one person is rich.. and some people lose it all,.. becoming homeless. Keerti Bhatt, the famous Bigg Boss 6 contestant, is one of them. This Kannada cutie, introduced to the Telugu audience through the serial Manasicchi Chudu, is currently playing the role of an innocent girl named Hima in the Karthikdeepam serial, winning the hearts of the audience. It can be said that his happiness is doubled now that he is getting a chance to be a contestant in Bigg Boss-6. Before going into the Bigg Boss house, the host Nagarjuna played a video clip about her career. Her tearful story brought tears to the audience.

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Keerthy Bhatt’s original name is Keerthy Keshav Bhattā€¦ Born on 2nd July 1992 in Mangalore, she completed her education in Bangalore. Once, while traveling with his parents, sister, and brother, he met with a car accident. Except for Keerti Bhatt, everyone else also died in the accident. Keerthy Bhatt, who was shocked, remained in a coma for three months. After that, she faced a lot of hardships and insults and finally got into modeling, but she did not get many opportunities. After that, I got an opportunity in a Kannada movie called Ice Mahal. Even though this movie did not get much success, it gave opportunities in Kannada serials.

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Keerti Bhatt, who does not want to be resentful of her troubles, adopts an orphan girl and takes care of the baby. Otherwise, Keerti is continuing her life with that baby.


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