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Royal Feast Chinese drama Ep 1 Three ladies, all great chefs, have become the new cooks at Food Bureau. Sort at…

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama ep 1
Royal feast chinese drama Ep 1

It is Ep2 Yao Z Jin gets punished for tackling every problem impulsively. What if she caused harm to the Emperor, had she not eliminated his hunger? If this does not be logical then it’s because I’m not sure the reason she was to suffer. While being punished she stays at peace and straightens her shoulders.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP2
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP2

 What keeps her motivated is the possibility of catching an image of the son of the Crown Prince, Zhu Zhan Ji, who is just returned in the royal palace. This is why she needed to suffer – to have a chance to catch a glimpse of our ML. Also, to show that she’s a strong and confident person. In the future the FL is our ML’s personal chef since he’s in love with her food. Oh no, Xu Kai will be chubby once more xD. He’s not seen her in a while.

Ep3Emperor says Crown Prince needs to eat because he’s overweight. Lol. Yao Zi Jin is very involved in the preparation of food for the newly struggling vegetarian. He’s Zhu Zhan Ji’s father.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP3
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP3

Clarity is our ML. He has a maid punished for attempts to steal Yao Zi Jin’s credit. While he hasn’t seen her before, he is certain that she’s his little assistant. In the evening, before he goes to bed the room, he does the painting half-finished and prepares ink to be delivered to her. If Yao Zi Jin arrives on time to serve her food items, she joyfully paints, but panics when she hears that he is coming. She accidentally falls on the plate. In the outside, Zhu Zhan Jin can sense her fear. He firmly declares to focus on the moon instead. On the next morning, Zhu Zhan Ji finds the finished painting and smiles.

Ep4] Generosity is our FL. Yao Zi Jin is almost killed by Yin Zi Ping who wants to claim Yao of being an fake maid, when in fact it’s Yin However, our FL continues to defend Yin Zi Ping.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP4
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP4

Ep5.] The family of Yin Zi Ping is a victim of a criminal conviction. She’s the only survivor. She’s not here to revenge her family, but. It’s interesting to observe the reaction of Yao Zi Jin in this video. It’s as if she’s there to get her revenge or something similar to this. For those like her, and her descendants, they’re not allowed to undergo the imperial test and marry anyone of a certain rank or even to walk across the road. Yin Zi Ping wants to alter her life to become a human. Yao Zi Jin hugs her and accepts her forgiveness.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP5
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP5

Su Yue Hua is as righteous just like Yao Zi Jin, if not more. Su Yue Hua is caring and is willing to help by tending to Yao Jin’s wound. She’s got a dark secret as well. The mother of her is Chief Meng whom she refuses to acknowledge as her daughter due to reasons I’m not sure of. Hua Su Hua is devastated and has to prove this to be true. Her mother was a heartless killer. Apparently, Chief Meng She was able to defend herself killed a man trying to sexually assault her. The next day the she was a chief Meng changed. She’s a woman that’s fatherless, husbandless, and even daughter-less.

Hu Shan Xiang (ML’s wife) is seeking to die. She has added mild poison to all of her food, so that she dies in a discreet manner. She had fled the marriage to become a doctor at her grandfather’s house, but since her prescription caused death to someone else and her family was forced to settle the matter. As a result, she was married. In recent times, she discovered the family of her husband had raised the dosage of her medication. They murdered somebody (a pregnant woman) to make her get married.

Yao Zi Jin catches a glimpse of Zhu Zhan Ji passing by on a horse. One glance isn’t enough so she heads towards the other side of the hallway to catch another glance. She can’t help but feel her Fuca Fu Heng’s and Wei Yang’s Luo’s feelings.

It’s a good thing that Ep6 Yao Zi Jin is in Zhu Zhan Ji’s library go through all the books he has read. The more she goes through, the more she’s in the love. She’s astonished when he arrives. She quickly hides. Zhu Zhan Ji notices, however, he does not expose her. Instead, he plays some Qin and recites a poem. It’s a way to show off, isn’t it. He then pretends to be asleep while he covers his face. Is that so she doesn’t have to be naked? Yao Zi Jin quietly leaves and covers her face by his cover-up. Then, she raises the book in order to take in his appearance. A fake sleeper named Zhu Zhan Ji, grasps her hand. Yao Zi Jin quickly flees (and the fake sleeper hasn’t even looked at her facial expression).

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP6
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP6

It’s a pity that Ep7 You Yi Fan sabotages Prince Han (father) through the act that he poisons the Emperor. He’s seeking revenge against his mother, who Prince Han accused of cheating. A complicated father-son relationship. Like Su Yue Hua’s mother’s complicated. It’s interesting to note that Prince Han and Chief Meng sometimes collaborate but they’re more friends than enemies.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP7
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP7

Royal Feast Chinese drama It’s a good thing! Ep8] Our CP finally get to meet! Zhu Zhan Ji catches Yao Zi Jin in his library. She conceals herself behind a book however, he is able to remove it. She then hides under his arm to avoid his non-bidong. She’s now his librarian. When the eunuch comes to take Yao Zi Jin back to her desk, she discovers that the lantern is based on the sketch they made together.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP8
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP8

It is reported that Ep9 Zhu Zhan Ji is flexing his sword before Yao Zi Jin. Then, he ponders that he has no hope of finding love and at least , he needs a partner within the Palace. What’s this guy saying this, even though that girl (FL) clearly loves him? Is he a professional or something?

Zhu Zhan Ji takes Yao Zi Jin’s suggestion to visit his wife (to inquire for clarification on the poison) but only to meet his wife’s sister , because Hu Family wants to slot her in with the Hu Family (since Hu Shan Xiang’s not willing to obey any more). He is furious and blames Yao Zi Jin for organizing his books in chaos. Yao Zi Jin asks the prince if he’s interrogating her in her own name or as maid. He isn’t able to discern the difference. She says that she, in her own way is a fan of him.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP9
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP9

 What her actions for him aren’t exactly what is expected of a maid to serve her boss. It’s a confession already. If he’s lecturing her in the role of a maid then she’s asking him to be quiet. She’ll not be his librarian anymore. She’ll treat him as a master from now on. Zhu Zhan Ji is completely shocked and, when he realises she’s gone. (To Zhu Zhan Ji, there’s no difference in Yao Zi Jin and a maid, because he didn’t treat her as an actual maid. For Zhu Zhan Ji Yao Zi Jin was Yao Zi Jin …the maid…lol.)

It’s a good thing. Ep10There are two sweet souls who prepare food for the sexy birthday boy, You Yi Fan: Yao Zi Jin and Su Yue Hua. Both are unaware of the belief that anyone who cooks the dish for him dies within three months of unrelated reasons. It seems You Yi Fan might like Su Yue Hua??? ?

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP10
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP10

Zhu Zhan Ji belatedly realizes Yao Zi Jin was waiting for him in the frigid winter air. He teaches her from concerned. He asks her “Is you planning to freeze to death to make me feel guilty for the remainder of my existence? I’ll tell you that my heart will not be hurting for your .”… and the next thing he does is take her hand and blows it on to get her warm. A hug could be more effective. Yao Zi Jin flinches. She screams for help however Zhu Zhan Ji shouts after her, “Fine, I’ll just marry you next time. (A proposal is already made.) Let’s see if we can convince you to would like to serve me as an apprentice to an emperor.” She isn’t willing to take it, even though. She is determined to be successful in her job. Uhh.. I think she is looking for a stable career prior to marriage. Maybe she is just looking for to find his true love prior to wedding. If she was easy to please to handle, the story would be over. He let her go, however, he ensures she’s cozy by wrapping his blanket around her.

Royal Feast Chinese drama It’s a good thing that you’re reading it! Ep11“The Emperor has been poisoned! No. He’s just too smart to be this. He takes the vulnerable glass of wine to challenge the sons of his to consume it. The sons, all one three, two, and three are scared to be challenged. Only the grandson stays unflinching. Actually, he’s the same plot together with his grandfather in order to scare Uncles (but they didn’t come up with the idea together). The Emperor, when he’s alone, is asked by Zhu Zhan Ji whether the wine is poisonous. The answer is to the question: If it is it was poisonous, it could only affect those who are not loyal, and not the real, great ruler. Wise.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP11
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP11

You Yi Fan manipulates Su Yue Hua to create the dish that would kill Prince Han’s wife (You Yi Fan’s stepmother). Poor lady went to the palace to watch You Yi Fan… It’s Chief Meng who suffers the consequences since she is the head for the bureau of food. The fall was coordinated in the hands of Hu Shan Wei who wants the position of Chief Meng’s highest ranking. (By this, Hu Shan Wei is also the adopted elder sibling of Hu Shan Xiang.) For more than a decade, Hu Shan Wei and Wang Yao Qing were playing pretend to be enemies, even though they’re best friends , so that Chief Meng could not be suspicious of their friendship. Evidently, Chief Meng is that calculated and cautious that she doesn’t let friends get promoted in tandem. Wang Yao Qing feels guilty for this because Chief Meng was not greedy, but she had a desire to power, was fair.
Su Yue Hua is slapped by You Yi Fan for the attack, however, he stops her and forces her to admit that she was aware, yet she agreed. It’s true. Su Yue Hua was curious to be aware of whether she was in danger. Did anyone ever accept her apology if she made an error? She was unaware that the error could cost her a life. The response from her mother is a shiver to her. Chief Meng did not care about the murder, she just worried about her career, which was at risk. Su Yi Hua falls to the floor at the painful realization that she has killed someone exactly like her mother. You Yi Fan helps her to stand up, but he hesitates. Then he spots the cut to her arm. She has been victimized before and was discriminated against because she had a murderer as her mother. You Yi Fan leaves her with a message: “You can hate me all you want, but don’t use other people as hope to live on.” = Be yourself.

It’s a pity that Ep12 Chief Meng is dismissed. Shoot. What should I call her…

Yao Zi Jin falls asleep as she waits for Zhu Zhan Ji’s meeting to end. He brings him to the study and then puts her in a soft her bed. As she sleeps He smacks the cheeks of her and kisses them! “If you don’t awake I’ll kiss your cheeks (again? ).” Yao Zi Jin immediately stops sleeping routine. Zhu Zhan Ji also wants Yao Zi Jin to end all “maid” talk.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP12
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP12

Zhu Zhan Ji and Yao Zi Jin perform an duet on the gudi as well as a Qin respectively. Hu Shan Xiang hears it and thinks it’s odd. He doesn’t allow music to enter his bedroom. Additionally, this was his first song that was not finished but now it’s completed. Hu Shan Xiang is curious about Yao Zi Jin but it’s not as you imagine!. She actually enjoys Yao Zi Jin and is grateful that someone will keep Zhu Zhan Ji happy.

You Yi Fan likes Yao Zi Jin??? You Yi Fan wanted to gift her an additional hairpin after the hairpin he was using had gone missing however, he backs away when he meets she is as Zhu Zhan Ji. Later in the show she is visited by someone while she’s asleep. Is it You Yi Fan?

Zhu Zhan Ji finishes Yao Zi Jin’s cat’s drawing onto her lamp (a reference to earlier lanterns). He then complains about a cat (that He calls”Yin Tai inky”) because he is heartless, in the moment Yao Zi Jin is the one who is the one who loves her most – Yao Jin. Words is a word. Yao Zi Jin says it’s not an exaggeration to say that the cat has no heart. She is sure of what she feels. (which she refers to as Li Nu , a racoon like slave) feels since her name is Li ( li) and at mention of it Yao Zi Jin is silent. He’s got something to say but. He’s for a business trip. He’s asking her to join. She isn’t. She’ll be waiting for him at the palace. She’s starting to distance herself from herself now that she’s seeing him show his interest in her…Hm.

Yin Zi Ping is slapped on the cheek thirty times by a snobby lover (the beautiful lover to Zhu Zhan Ji). In order to motivate Yin Zi Ping to fight against the injustice, Yao Zi Jin urges her to smash the lantern (the one she made using Zhu Zhan Ji? ).

I am extremely curious about Yao Zi Jin’s motives. Does she truly like our ML? Wei Ying Luo, don’t hurt Fuca Fu Heng again!! D:

It’s been a while since Ep13[ Ep13 Zhu Zhan Ji is back and complains the fact that Yao Zi Jin didn’t miss Zhu Zhan Ji.

But, there are more important concerns to attend to. The Emperor is dead. All consorts who don’t have children will be laid to rest alongside the Emperor. Consort Zhuang would like to go in order to see her mum. Yao Zi Jin helps her by risking her livelihood should Consort Zhuang lied about coming back. It’s a good thing she comes back (although she confessed that she was tempted to flee).

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP13 kissing scene
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP13 kissing scene

In the evening, Yin Zi Ping wants to escape together with Yao Zi Jin. It’s too terrifying to be in the palace. Yao Zi Jin calms her. She asks Yin Zi Ping to recall four words Shi Zai Ren Wei ( shi zi ren wei). Through effort, anyone can achieve any goal. I’ll take it an extra step and suggest in implying that nothing happens by chance. Everything up to now is the result of her efforts.

Ep14] Crown Prince is now the Emperor. Zhu Zhan Ji is now the Crown Prince.

Hu Shan Wei investigates Consort Zhuang and finds out that she was using Yan Zi Jin’s Jade in order to temporarily depart the palace. A few years ago, this jade was given by the former Empress Zhu Zhan Ji’s upcoming wife. Wow. Could this mean Yao Zi Jin deliberately helped Consort Zhuang escape in order to expose her jade? In the process of revealing it, Yao Zi Jin appears to be a generous and innocent. Hu Shan Wei intends to murder Yao Zi Jin because her presence threatens Hu Shan Xiang’s title as Crown Princess. Fortunately, Zhu Zhan Ji saves her. Could it be an accident?

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP14
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP14

 Was it a coincidence? Yao Zi Jin plan this far? *Goosebumps*. Yao Zi Jin faints in Zhu Zhan Ji’s arms (rather promptly). He lifts her up to safe.

Yao Zi Jin’s real name was “Sun”. She was chosen for Zhu Zhan Ji’s bride at the age of ten. (?). To do this she was educated at a very young age to pursue whatever she enjoys. He enjoyed being chess players with her as well as listening to her qin , and so she practiced it to impress him. Wow. This is a suck. Her teacher was very harsh with her. One day, she took suicide. Yao Zi Jin always knew that her teacher was her mother’s biological mother however, because her status was not as prestigious, she was unable to marry into the Sun family. Her mother was proud of her however, this proud woman decided to end her life in order to not tarnish Yao Zi Jin’s union to Zhu Zhan Ji. As a child, Yao Zi Jin never was able to speak to her mother. The “mother” who raised Yao Zi Jin passed away from illness shortly thereafter. She also was hoping for Yao Zi Jin to marry properly. In the final decision, Zhu Zhan Ji married Hu Shan Xiang. Today, Yao Zi Jin tells the Crown Prince that she walked into the palace to observe how beautiful Hu Shan Xiang is. The fate of both women was not kind to them. It’s not as if Hu Shan Xiang wanted to get married. Zhu Zhan Ji wants to find out what he can offer her (to pay for). Yao Zi Jin doesn’t regret any thing and doesn’t appear to need anything from Zhu Zhan Ji. Did I get it right? she’s not permitted to marry (at all?) anyone else?) because she cancelled her engagement with a prince? If the royal doesn’t want her, then who else will… Does that sound correct? If yes, then royals are suck-possessed and jerks.

In Ep12 in Ep12, it was noted that one Sun daughter (Yao Zi Jin) was chosen to be the wife, but that “Fang” person insisted on changing her name to Hu ShanXiang due to the fact that she was fortunate.

Chief Meng is back as Chief Meng She’s now equal to Hu Shan Wei. It’s great that I don’t need to change my name! I’m curious whether Yao Zi Jin had any involvement in the assistance of Chief Meng.

You Yi Fan knows everything Yao Zi Jin has done in the past (from supporting Consort Zhuang, to making use of Zhu Zhan Ji), But now he’s wondering as to why she’s not accepting Zhu Zhan Ji’s affection. It’s a matter of push and pull, y’all. Evidently, he’s in the process of forming an alliance. He’s not taking it seriously. When she’s away from the camera He calls her stupid for smiling even though she clearly needs to cry. Huh. He really enjoys Yao Zi Jin …

Yao Zi Jin – I am not sure whether I’m giving her to much credit. There’s a lot to her quietness. It’s as if she’s weaving an enormous web.

[Ep15] Wang Yao Qing takes the responsibility in the case of Hu Shan Wei (for embezzlement). She is exiled to the Palace. Su Yue Hua asks her mother Chief Meng to assist her, as Wang Yao Qing is like her mother. But Chief Meng reminds her that she fell to her (i.e. Prince Han’s lover’s death). The Su Yue Hua is now on her own. Wow. Her tone is very motherly however her face at the final moment is so empty. Don’t consider a mother’s motherly qualities for the granted.

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP15
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP15

Empress is evidently sick and not pregnant, yet everyone is disregarding her symptoms as the head physician claims she’s pregnant. What is Zhu Zhan Ji doing? He is not concerned because he believes in the experts. Yao Zi Jin reminds him to be cautious and be aware of the well-being of his own mother. Zhu Zhan Ji takes the advice and carries Yao Zi Jin out of the palace. They’re taking medicine outside.

I’m sure that I believe that when Chief Meng was taking Yin Zi Ping in her team and told her to go to Concubine Guo and Chief Meng knew of the power game. The power play was Concubine Guo who was the reason for the Empress’s pregnancy diagnosis. Chief Meng has chosen Concubine Guo for her ally and was prepared to shut her eyes to the Empress, who is being executed.

[Ep16The Emperor isn’t convinced in the fact that she’s sick even though she’s asking to have a reexamination. Hu Shan Xiang weeps silently for the Empress, who is begging to live, however, the Emperor is insistent the Empress is pregnant. How come imbeciles can control the country…

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP16
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP16

It’s good that the Empress has an unmarried son (and a clever Yao Zi Jin at his side) who has doctors who are qualified and the medicine. The Empress gets better! Once she’s healed she will be able to admire the spinning wheel the Empress’s last wish was to gift her. It’s a gift to remind her that she is fu chang fu sui (fu Chang Fu Sui). A relic of the past that says when a man sings, the woman will follow. This is what is meant by marital harmony. In the past. Without any hesitation, the Empress smashed the building and orders it to be burnt to dust. The Empress smiles. It’s fascinating how sexist many of old phrases are.

Emperor is still a fool. He blames his mother and son for upsetting him enough to make him feel sick. By sick, that he’s coughing. The woman was almost killed because she was “pregnant” and this guy is complaining?

[Ep17 The episode has a flashback to the dying Yao Z Jin’s mother (not her birth mother) who advises her to go to the palace to take back everything she owns. But, Yao Zi Jin’s response for Zhu Zhan Ji is that she would like to climb the ranks of a maid. She also asks him if even remembered her if she had not been in the palace. He didn’t. He also says that she shouldn’t be angry at him because of something that’s not his blame. (He states that the minister “Zhang” who made his grandfather superstitious, and also changed his wife.) Yao Zi Jin tells him that, even though your hands and hands look clean but the bowl used to wash them is swollen with blood. There are numerous women whose lives have been destroyed by the king’s men (because the royals “didn’t know”). 

Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP17
Watch Royal Feast Chinese drama EP17

Yao Zi Jin doesn’t want to be his wife (clarification not saying she wasn’t interested in being married to him). She isn’t willing to sacrifice her life for men and will never ever want to play the role of a puppet.

There’s a cooking contest. Yin Zi Ping represents Chief Meng. Su Yue Hua represents Hu Shan Wei.

Su Yue Hua is the one who steals Yao Zi Jin’s work. She’s turning dark! What is it like to make friends within the palace? Yet, Yao Zi Jin remains serene and confident. If she’s determined to win, nobody will stop her. Kinda scary. It’s true. While Su Yue Hua carefully carved the food to match an artifact stolen from the painting (that I’m wondering is it edible. Are you sure it’s cooked? Did you wash your hands after making the carving? Do not play with food items) She still loses against Yao Zi Jin, whose food looks amazing and, more importantly, it tastes fantastic.

[Ep18] There’s a second important reason as to why Su Yue Hua was unable to win. Su Yue Hua didn’t comprehend the art she stole of Yao Zi Jin. It was an enigma the painting the monk. It was the great Empress who had banned everything associated with monks. Even though it’s no longer taboo, the Empress will be able to remember. It’s interesting the fact that Yao Zi Jin drew the monk following the encounter With You Yi Fan. She was concerned about dirty play at the moment she made her decision. In addition Su Yue Hua fell at a different stage. She did not prepare the food to be edible.

3rd Royal Uncle is deliberately praising Zhu Zhan Ji in front of the Emperor in order to make Zhu Zhan Ji be jealous of his son.

Someone is looking to murder Yao Zi Jin. She is able to protect herself from one person, but there’s two men following her. You Yi Fan comes to her aid. Who is planning to murder her? Is it Hu Shan Wei?

The prince (mother = Concubine Guo) is poisoned. Hu Shan Wei reports that it’s probably from the food Yin Z Ping along with Chief Meng made. They’re arrested. Su Yue Hua might have testified on behalf of Yin Zi Ping, but she chose not to. In the end, she informs Hu Shan Wei that it was insignificant to attack one team. Hu Shan Wei sternly reminds her that they’re only observers. The sky was their help. They didn’t do anything. It was luck. It was the opposite of Yao Zi Jin’s mottois Shi Zai Ren Wei .

Yao Zi Jin begs the Empress for assistance. The Empress is interested enough to ask her questions.

[Ep19] Prior to Yao Zi Jin can speak to the Empress, she has to endure being beaten. Hu Shan Wei tempts Yao Zi Jin to plead to help. Yao Zi Jin will not. After that, You Yi Fan arrives to stop the punishment. He would like her to admit that she’s mistaken and aid her. Yao Zi Jin will not. And then Zhu Zhan Ji arrives to end the beating. He demands that she surrender just a little. Yao Zi Jin will not. These guys. If they are willing to assist, then they should offer to help.

After suffering the agonizing punishment, Yao Zi Jin can go to the Empress. There is no proof that she can save chief Meng or Yin Zi Ping, but she does have important details. Just a few days ago the Empress went to her kitchen. This indicates that she’s actually the one who’s at the helm. Consort Guo is determined accuse the Empress of the poisoning. Thanks to Yao Zi Jin’s advice, Zhu Zhan Ji finds the right doctor (his wife Hu ShanXiang) to check on the tiny prince. Consort Guo is found guilty of the crime. And , of course, the Emperor won’t slap her down as the Empress did when he falsely accuses her.

The Empress is punished Hu Shan Wei for misleading everyone into believing that Hu Shan Wei was the poisoner.

Hu Shan Xiang punishes Yao Zi Ping as a retaliation against their cousin (Hu Shan Wei). Zhu Zhan Ji walks by her, and does not seem to notice her.

Hu Shan Wei no longer has the support of the Empress. Chief Meng is on the rise. However, Su YueHua will not give up in surrender to Chief Meng. This is the reason why Wang Yao Qing was exiled. Our girl has everything in reverse.

[Ep20[Ep20] Yao Zi Jin purposely enraged the prince in order that he would find a secret alley to take her down – with emphasis upon “secret alley”. In this alley, Consort Guo can meet with her son. Chief Meng has orchestrated the scheme. Yao Zi Jin doesn’t think Consort Guo is worthy of Chief Meng’s trust However, Chief Meng is looking for the power. She’s determined to be the best maid.

Su Yue Hua is a sexy queen who seduces the Emperor. You Yi Fan gave her the chance. Girl, you’re not able to go back. D: She greets chief Meng at the front door, and she glances at him she realizes that Chief Meng is aware of what she did. She appears stunned? I’m not sure whether this woman is concerned about her daughter, or is concerned that her daughter will soon to take her place at the top of her game. Su Yue Hua receives an express ticket to a higher position (equal with chief Meng?). But!! She didn’t offer her body for sale. The Emperor was generous enough to instruct her in the correct way. Surprising. Maybe his obesity is impacting his sexual desire. She doesn’t have a chance. She didn’t heed Yao Zi Jin who had advised her to not make foods that are high in cholesterol and fat (for our Emperor who is obese). He has an oozing nose. Chief Meng provides healthier food that “coincidentally” reminds him of Consort Guo. Then Consort Guo is forgiven! Team Chief Meng takes home the title.

You Yi Fan calls 3rd Uncle as father. It is believed that it was his uncle who helped the boy and taught him how to do everything. You Yi Fan prefers this Godfather who is very sexier than his father of birth.

Yao Zi Jin saves Su Yue Hua. Her fingers were all set to be broken due to Consort Guo. Su Yue Hua remains unhappy. It’s been revealed that she was always a jelly because Yao Zi Jin is friendlier with Yin Zi Ping when she’s more successful than Yin Zi Ping.

[Ep21] Yao Jin takes off a stain from Zhu Zhan Ji’s artwork (a hint towards Ep3). She then sends her the food he loves. Hot and cold. What’s she doing? Doing something to hurt his feelings? D:

The Empress wants Zhu Zhan Ji to create babies, but he’s not doing it. If that’s true then the Empress is likely to choose a person he would like to have baby girls together with Yao Zi Jin. It turned out that the Empress knew Yao Zi Jin. The marriage was dissolved she was asked by the Empress as Zhu Zhan Ji’s wife (not wife) however, she declined. The Empress wager on the possibility that Yao Zi Jin would regret when she saw her son, and the wealth that she might enjoy. However, as of now, Yao Zi Jin continues to refuse the proposition. The Empress threatens to murder all her family members, however our exuberant Yao Zi Jin isn’t afraid. She is aware that the Empress is kind. In fact she is. Actually, she’s pleased to have one who’s not lured by riches and isn’t scared to take on the odds. While Yao Zi Jin leaves the mansion of the Empress, she smiles.

Zhu Zhan Ji hates sweet tofu. According to his dictionary, “tofu” can be described as salty only. For the guy his temper is turned sour by jealousy when he observes Yao Zi Jin with Minister Mei. The lady was cupid to Yin Zi Ping. Uh. Wait, nevermind. Evidently, Yin Zi Ping hates him. She was stopped from taking his money, and helped her find the right direction. My gosh, despicable. Yao Zi Jin approves of the man who is her most trusted friend.

There’s a cooking contest that’s on the cards as well. For Hu Shan Wei, her most formidable competitor would be Yao Zi Jin. In the end, a jar of wine falls onto Yao Zi Jin. She’s knocked unconscious and should Yin Zi Ping hadn’t protected her, she may be in a coma, according to another maid. Someone has MRI vision!

[Ep22[Ep22] Yao Zi Jin confronts Hu Shan Wei to make sure they are fair. However, regardless of the outcome, Yao Zi Jin asserts she’ll prevail and then exile herself even with a hand injury. (Take it as an opportunity to gain.) Yao Zi Jin has never been this serious. Pretences gone.

Chief Meng’s Team vs. Hu Shan Wei’s group. Zhu Zhan Ji stealthily praises Chef Meng’s meals (i.e. Yao Zi Jin). However, the game is in a neck-and-neck battle up to the point that Shan Wei prepares a goose dish. The goose was braised as it was alive and slowly slow cooking it until it is dead. The Emperor is furious. But, Hu Shan Wei proves she was not guilty and the tides have changed. Chief Meng is disqualified for making baseless allegations. The battle isn’t even over! There’s more to come. We’ll be waiting for the next one. FL simply needs to use those injured hands to get our sympathy.

[Ep23] The meal becomes deadly when assassins enter the palace. You Yi Fan heroically saves the Emperor. Zhu Zhan Ji fought a number of times, but the Emperor was unable to see because of their blind eye. He shouts at his son for not being able to defend Zhu Zhan Ji. You’re your son, dude. There’s a reason why imperial guards are in existence. Zhu Zhan Ji is injured however, he keeps it secret. Oh, but Yao Zi Jin can tell. She prepares him meals that are great for wound healing. Zhu Zhan Ji smiles as like his discomfort has subsided.

Even though the contest was cut short but the winner is obvious. This is Yao Zi Jin, I refer to Chief Meng. Hu Shan Wei admits defeat. She recounts to Yao Zi Jin a story of her adoption to the Hu Family, Hu Shan Wei was only a baby and was severely overweight. Parents even thought that they were ominous. Hu Shan Wei was worried about her sister’s safety and told everyone she witnessed the breath of white and red escape from Hu Shan’s mouth. Then, He Shan Xiang was considered to be a lucky one and this is the reason Hu Shan Xiang got to marry Zhu Zhan Ji. Hu Shan Wei was later admitted into the palace to look after her sister after she received an opportunity to marry. Hu Shan Wei confesses everything in order it is likely that Yao Zi Jin would hate her, but she would not Hu Shan Xiang.

Then, Hu Shan Wei is discovered dead in her bedroom. Is it Yao Zi Jin who killed her? Or was it Su Yue Hua …? Su Yue Hua went to Hu Shan Wei in order to confront her over the death of the mentor of her (Wang) even though she had already was the one to blame. Hu Shan Wei admits to the murder. She hands her Su YueHua blade to take her life, and uses Su Yue Hua’s hands to cut the knife in herself. Hu Shan Wei committed suicide. But, when Hu Shan Xiang investigates her sister’s death. She receives only information about Yao Zi Jin’s trip. Could this could be the Hu Shan Wei’s scheme? to make it appear like Yao Zi Jin killed her? Are I thinking too overly? Maybe.

When Chief Meng is informed of Su Yue Hua’s meeting with Hu Shan Wei Hu Shan Wei, she embraces her daughter, finally offering her some affection. Su Yue Hua was begging to be recognized by her. She’s now stronger. She’s no any longer burdensome. She also defied Hu Shan Wei because she wanted to protect her mother. Mother and daughter appear to be in peace.

[Ep24(Ep24) You Yi Fan fell in love with Yao Zi Jin way before she was allowed to enter the palace. Her servants helped take care of his injuries while she was under house arrest (I’m guessing this was because she refused to be Zhu Zhan Ji’s fiancee).

Minister Wei returns Yin Zi Ping the money she made. He was concerned that she could foolishly spend the money. Yin Zi Ping looks touched.

Su Yue Hua tells her Emperor Consort Guo kept her secrets to her when she was in danger. Perhaps Su Yue Hua is angry with Consort Guo from last time? However, isn’t her mother Chief Meng working in conjunction with Consort Guo…

The Emperor believes that Zhu Zhan Ji is related to the assassination. He directs his son to be sent away for fighting (when his injuries haven’t healed). Zhu Zhan Ji thinks his days in the palace are coming to an end and he informs Yao Zi Jin that he’ll assist her in getting married with Minster Wei. Yao Zi Jin clarifies she does not love Minister Wei. Ah. Zhu Zhan Ji seizes the occasion to ask who the person is. She tries to avoid responding. If she finds out she’s about to go and she offers him how to restore their father-son relationship. She entices his father by feeding him.

[Ep25[Ep25] Yao Zi Jin helps Zhu Zhan Ji gain favor with the Emperor. He also decides to advocate for women who have been exiled from their families. It’s not fair for women to pay for actions they did not commit. Equally for the innocent males within the family, right? Yao Zi Jin even gets promoted. Yao Zi Jin is capable of fooling everyone however Zhu Zhan Ji sees through her tricks. He is disappointed that he gave her an animal. He could have provided her with an eagle. He is fond of his adorable Yao Zi Jin.

Mother of the Empress (i.e. Grandmother) is adamant that Yao Zi Jin to be Zhu Zhan Ji’s fiancee. Yao Zi Jin hides from Grandmother in Zhu Ji’s room. He even assists her in distracting Grandmother by playing “Ah Li” the cat (Inky) in place of “Ah Li”, Yao Zi Jin’s nickname.

Even though Zhu Zhan Ji knows Yao Zi Jin has used him repeatedly He will continue to help her. He doesn’t want to make her devastated. Yao Zi Jin really wants to become the chief for the bureau of food. But, the Empress discovers an opportunity to elevate her to become consort before the Emperor.

[Ep26 The Emperor has acquiesced Yao Zi Jin to be Zhu Zhan Ji’s lover despite Zhu Zhan Ji’s constant protests (for the sake of Yao Zi Jin’s).

Yao Zi Jin is officially Zhu Zhan Ji’s wife! He takes her by the hand and hands her over and leads her to his home. It’s not the best manner of conduct for a prince who is marrying an unimportant consort, but the fact is that Guy wants to get married her. In the evening, however Guy snoozes at the thought of going to see her. Why! It’s only when she’s to sleep on her own that the man look at his fiancee without being aware.

The following morning, Zhu Zhan Ji sends lots of gifts in the mail to Yao Zi Jin. They didn’t arrive on moment. The manor was not open and if she goes to him, she’ll need to get dressed again, and that could take up to two hours. What are you wearing? I don’t think she’s going to have issues with her wardrobe at all. She is sighing at the poor timing. Now, Zhu Zhan Ji shows up just as she’s getting ready to bathe asking if he was there in the wrong hour. You had a an opportunity to meet Zhu Zhan Ji in your bathing clothes. She’s naked in the pool as her bathtub is split from his by a thin , short screen to divide the tub. He’s got something to ask her about and promises to leave immediately after. However, after hearing her snarky voice He changes his mind in a flash. He’s not going to ask for anything, he is looking forward to staying the night. Yao Zi Jin sinks in her tub, nervous and vulnerable (to her lover?).

[Ep27[Ep27] Yao Zi Jin reasons with Zhu Zhan Ji that he cannot remain. He’s injured. The Empress will be concerned in the event that he is moving vigorously. In addition, if he proves that he’s healed, the Emperor could force him to go towards the southern border. Yao Zi Jin knows Zhu Zhan Ji well since that’s precisely why that he didn’t see her the night before. She compels him to make an unpopular decision by feigning to be lenient and telling her staff to tell her that Zhu Zhan Ji will be in her home. Zhu Zhan Ji sighs. He bids farewell to his consort Ping …>

Royal Feast drama last episode
Royal Feast last episode

“span” data-preserver-spaces=”true “>…but first, the surprise kiss!

The following day, Yao Zi Jin locks her doors to ensure she can’t open them so Zhu Zhan Ji can’t enter. Zhu Zhan Ji smirks. There’s no way to get into the palace that he isn’t allowed to enter and especially Inky the cat! When he hears the meows, Yao Zi Jin opens the door. She takes Inky inside, but she looks around. Her instincts are right. Zhu Zhan Ji was waiting there. He threw her off his shoulder despite being injured. He’s coming to gift her an expensive gold necklace. He will never let her return to it. He’s not sure if her sentiments are genuine but he’s still in love with her. He’s not seeking anything to reciprocate, but hopes that she’ll be honest and sincere with him at some point in these days. Yao Zi Jin actually has an issue she’s looking for However, in the end the request is for him (she declares). When she’s finished whispering her request to him the man swoops down to kiss her and then another, but he’s interrupted by his attendant. It’s an emergency situation at the South border. He’s going to leave right today. Yao Zi Jin fixes his clothes. When he goes away she discovers a sketch she drew to her.

Yan Zhi Jin’s suggestion for a dance performance in honor of the birthday of Empress Victoria. She credits Zhu Zhan Ji for organizing the dance and also credits everyone involved for the theme and, most importantly, this dance was performed for the Empress to acknowledge that the dancers as exiled women who were incarcerated illegally in the palace. Yao Zi Jin wanted the Empress to free them. The plan was a huge success.

Consort Guo allows the Empress to drink her wine of apology. The Emperor drinks it accidentally. Consort Guo freaks out.

Sooo…Show was to be able to have Consort Guo inform her to consume poisonous wine…just as that? “Here, have my drink.” What sort of plot is this?

What happened to the Emperor? Nobody can see him.

Yao Zi Jin is in Zhu Zhan Ji’s study space that Zhu Zhan Ji has given her the keys. Within the room there were paintings of her all over the place. At evening, Yao Zi Jin finds an unattractive Consort Guo hiding in the room. Guo is mentally unstable. Yao Zi Jin can deduce all the information in a matter of a few minutes. The Emperor is dead. The Empress has been forbidden from making to announce the death until Zhu Zhan Ji returns to ensure peace in the palace.

Zhu Zhan Ji receives the news and then heads home however, the assassins are there!

The 3rd and 2nd Royal Uncles are now back in the palace. They demand that the Empress present the Emperor’s medical record. It’s timely, Hu Shan Xiang wrote one of the records (thanks Yao Zi Jin’s head up). And then You Yi Fan reports to the Empress that Zhu Zhan Ji has died. He’s alive! Surprise, surprise. 

Ending: The Royal Uncles aren’t at all happy.


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