Let’s talk about Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan’s Vikram Vedha movie

Dussehra Spacial: The eagerly anticipated trailer for Hrithik Roshan as well as Saif Ali Khan’s action-thriller Vikram Vedha has released on Thursday, and it’s packed with everything one could want from the film. From bloody action sequences and epic one-liners , to exciting combat scenes and intense cat-and-mouse chase scenes The trailer promises an almost faithful adaptation of 2017’s Tamil film that was a huge success. In all the trailer spells massive in striking.

The nearly three-minute trailer begins with a voice-over explaining the fact that every thing has two sides as we watch a scene of Saif and Hrithik confronting each other. A familiar soundtrack of the Tamil original film plays as background music. The trailer then introduces Hrithik as the brutal Gangster Vedha in the opening sequence in which he fights off numerous goons one-on-one in an impressive manner. He leaps off rooftops, and slashes people’s legs in the same manner with the same swagger , and there’s some gore as well.

Happily, Saif Ali Khan is given almost equal screen time in the role of the genuine-looking cop Vikram who is said to be one the “good guys” on the screen. He appears in the frame kicks open doors, chases criminals, and then back to kick some doors, all the while being curiously. The plot then becomes exciting after Vikram and Vedha finally meet. Vedha quits Vikram wondering what’s right and what’s wrong. It will bring back thoughts of Vijay and Madhavan’s chemistry in the first film, but it doesn’t manage to maintain the balance of the two in a couple of scenes.

Vikram Vedha

In the midst of all gray characters, the creators have created the magic of Radhika Apte with just two lines. She is Vikram’s wife as well as Vedha’s lawyer. As Hrithik Roshan’s appearance as Vikram Vedha has been the talking point of the town but it’s his accent that may remind people of his Bihari-inspired tongue from Super 30; but slightly better.

In advance of the trailer’s release, the makers organized an exclusive preview screening of the movie across the nation with fan club members on Wednesday. The day before an unveiled poster featuring Hrithik as well as Saif was unveiled. In the poster, Hrithik was seen wielding an assault rifle while resting his body on an iron log. Saif On the other hand, was seen firing his weapon.

The film was directed by Pushkar Gayatri. Vikram Vedha also features Rohit Saraf Yogita Bihani and Sharib Hashmi in important roles. The film is an Hindi version of the popular 2017 Tamil film with the same name. It featured Madhavan And Vijay Sethupathi. The film was also directed by Pushkar as well as Gayatri. Similar to the original film movie, this film is loosely influenced by the famous folk tale. The film is supported with YNOT Studios, Friday Filmworks, Bhushan Kumar under T-Series Films and Reliance Entertainment, the film will be released on September 30, 2022 in the world.


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