Breaking news: India’s “Wanted Criminal” list includes the concert organizer for Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh After it was revealed that the organizing company was run by one of India’s most wanted criminals, Arijit Singh, a Bollywood singer, found himself in controversy. Jai Singh, the accused, has been hiding for over 30 years. He has been listed as a ‘wanted’ criminal by the Chandigarh Police on charges such as drug smuggling and video piracy.

Jai, a Punjabi resident, was born in Punjab and settled in Fermont, California, 30 years ago. He lived in Fermont city as a gurdwara.

Arijit Singh

Jai, part of the banned Khalistan Group in Punjab, began providing logistical support for Khalistanis hailing from Fermont gurudwara.

Jai was a member of the Khalistan movement in Punjab during the 1980s. He fled to the USA later. He was also a Fermont group member supporting the Khalistan movement. He was known as ‘Fauji’ because he actively participated in Khalistan’s movement.

Jai also led a pro-Khalistan organization and opened a DVD store. This was a front for pirated copies from India.

He was arrested by the Fermont police in 2003 for the illegal activities that he was involved in. He was brought before the Oakland court and was to be returned to India.

According to the Fermont police, Jai also applied for asylum and requested permission to remain in the USA. He claimed that he feared for the safety of his life if sent back to India.

The gurudwara filed a civil lawsuit against Jai for monetary fraud he committed while he was there. The suit is still pending.

Jai is the owner of Bright Brain Productions, a production company that organizes Bollywood events in the US. His most recent venture was the Arijit Sing concert.

BJP NRI Cell president Mack Ajani told The Quint that he had previously raised the Arijit Singh Concert controversy with Indian and US authorities. He said how Jai’s involvement in the concert portrayed India as a bad actor.

This is a severe problem. Arijit is a massive star, and his association with a wanted criminal gives a bad image to our country and the US. Ajani said that he had taken up the issue and asked for an investigation by the authorities.

The Quint was informed by a representative of the Gurudwara that Jai would be prosecuted.

“We will appoint an official receiver to attend Arijit’s concert in the US so we can get our money back.” Jai Singh will not be left so quickly.”


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