Breaking news: Why Blouse hashtag is trending on Twitter?

Blouse: Nidhi Chudhary has 14.1K followers on Twitter. She is best described by one of her tweets from a few weeks ago. “Yes! I work as a lawyer, a social media influencer, and a stylist for fashion. She wrote that she also does astrology, tarot, vastu, and adores to look sexy.


The Twitterati may not like the mix of fashion and astrology.

Chaudhary uploaded a video to the micro-blogging site describing how Shani can be avoided by not exploiting their househelps or other underprivileged people. She talked about how to treat them fair and assist them when possible. What caught people’s attention was not astrology, but being fair to housekeepers. It was her attire.

The young woman opted to wear a blue salwar and skipped the blouse. The young woman paired her outfit with silver ornaments, the rudraksha and other religious threads on one hand, a black bindingi and well-done makeup.

Although her outfit was not vulgar, as none of her private parts were visible, people took offense to the lack of the blouse.

Many distasteful tweets were sent to her describing what she might do with the blouse. One person offered her money to purchase a blouse. The influencer responded with her UPI ID. The memes began to flood the forum as soon as the person had sent Rs 101.


Instead of watching brahmastra, donate 500 to this lady who cannot afford a blouse. One user wrote, “Help the underprivileged.” We don’t need her help. Another wrote, “She needs a blouse.”

She seemed to actively respond to her admirers and trolls. One way to see the situation is to agree that she is making the most out of the engagement. But, it’s not wrong to criticize someone’s clothes, no matter how unfavorable the content.

The world went on with another Twitter trending hashtag, but it’s worth noting that the name and picture of a woman trended for her absence from her blouse on the platform, even though we are a nation that has a history without women wearing them.


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