Act of Kindness: Protect cow mother

Why the Cow?
The cow is the mother of all animals. It is believed that prior to giving birth to a human, one must go by the yoni the cow. When the soul leaves this body of a human, it is back in the cow’s body before traveling further or beneath as per one’s each individual’s karma. When a death occurs in the house, you’ll typically see bulls or cows wandering about, and because of this reason. This is the reason that offerings are made to cows to honor the ancestors of one’s.

Protect cow mother
Protect cow mother

What is the reason for the cow? Because it holds an element of Gayatri The mother of all women. Have you ever seen an incline of Devi cow? It has a special Nadi known as The Surya Ketu Nadi. The Nadi absorbs the frequency of the sun, moon, and the other luminaries of Creation. Giving back to the cow by protecting it by nurturing it, nourishing it, and safeguarding its calves – can transfer the positive energy to the person who will be used to eliminate imbalances within the body, in the surroundings, or to boost the soul. In contrast, the killing of or harming of this animal by eating its meat can have the opposite effect, leading to disease and clearing the way for less painful births. Every religion and culture in the world, even medical science accepts that cow meat causes the possibility of disease in humans.

The history of cow protection
In all of our history, the leaders and role models of our country have cared for and encouraged the cow. King Prithu was the one after whom the earth was named “Prithvi”, was a milking cow, which is the symbol of the earth to stop the world’s famine and to save humanity. Lord Krishna had been a Gopal cow herder. Arjun considered it appropriate to endure the next 14 years of his exile to safeguard the cattle during the Viratnagar war. King Nahash had to repay fishermen with a sum that was equivalent to the lifespan of Rishi Chyawan He did this by giving the fishermen a cow. Chola the king of Manu Needhi Cholan killed his son Veedhividangan in order to ensure justice for the cow who was slaughtered by the wheels of the chariot his son was riding. Mughal Emperors of the era of Akbar (1556 1605-1605), Jahangir (1605 – 1605 – 1627) Jahangir (1605 – 1627) as well as Ahmad Shah (1748 – 1754) also issued strict bans on the slaughter of cows. The Sultan of Mysore, Hyder Ali (1761-82) was the first to make cow slaughter an offense punishable by cutting off the hands of those who committed the offense. In the first half of the 19th century, Ranjit Singh, the creator of the Sikh empire, banned the slaughter of cows throughout his territory. The final Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar 1857 was the first to ban cow slaughter. He also prohibited eating meat and announced the penalty of being shot by canon for anyone who killed the cow. The Marathas, famous for their inclusiveness and openness to all religions, had a number of measures to prevent the slaughter of cattle. They also punished (even executed in a few instances) those killing cattle. They also erected blockades all around Bassein (now Vasai, Maharashtra) in the 1790s in order to prevent carcasses of cows from being shipped into butchers’ shops at Bombay as well as Salsette.

First slaughterhouses in India were constructed at Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1760 by Robert Clive, then Governor of Bengal. It could kill up to 30,000 animals a day. Seven years after the fact the previously prosperous and abundant Bengal was the site of the worst ever famines, in which thousands of people died. Robert Clive became an opium addict and then took his own life by cutting himself using a pencil having been unable to bear the agony of the disease which was caused by an addiction to opium. The negative effects are created through the abuse of cows and bulls.

Feeding, nourishing, and protecting cows is an important pillar to good health and prosperity.

Birth of ‘Save a Cow’
The cow is the preferred animal of Lord Shiv It is said that anything one whispers into the ears of bulls is listened to by Lord Shiv and the service rendered to cows is granted the most prestigious place in the Vedas.

Act of Kindness: Protect cow mother
Act of Kindness: Protect cow mother 1

In the evening of Shivratri (February 2012) two sadhikas who were traveling towards Dhyan Ashram became witnesses to an incident of hit and run The victim was a three-month-old calf. The ‘run was an SUV driver who struck the animal; a pandit, who was late for puja, and several dozen people watching. There was not a single person, besides the 2 ladies who stopped in order to assist the little calf. The calf was taken to a well-known care center where they suggested Nandi be transported to Hisar for an orthopedic procedure; unfortunately, it was escorted out of the facility before we were able to make an appointment at the hospital. Nandi was taken into Dhyan Foundation Gaushala where after further treatments with an expert local doctor the animal eventually went to the better part of the world. The calf died but not the root of the problem. The pan-India movement was created to help save and feed thousands of its family members.


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