Bajaj Finserv stock share price today in full detail

Bajaj Finserv stock: Five equity stockholders will each receive one equity share from Bajaj Finserv today. Nithin Kamath, the creator of Zerodha, explained the stock split and its implications for ordinary investors on Twitter. He claims that when a corporation announces a stock split, investors fear because they think the shares will be cheaper. Nithin Kamath tweeted, “Investors panic or become greedy every time a stock is ex-bonus/split and the price lowers on ex-date because they think they’ve lost money or the stock has gotten more reasonable.

If you split or bonus, you would receive two 50g chocolates rather than one 100g chocolate. The chairman of Zerodha said that it is irrelevant in another tweet.

Bajaj Finserv stock share price today in full detail
Bajaj Finserv stock share price today in full detail 1

The NSE Nifty 50 index rose 0.65% to 18,053, while S&P BSE Sensex rose 0.65% (0,503) to 60,503. Both indices increased for the fourth session in a row. Bajaj Finserv surged 7.6% ahead of record dates for a stock split or bonus issue of shares. On the NSE, the stock rose by almost 5.45% to Rs1,807.20 per share.

What does the Bajaj Finserv stock splitting mean for investors?
Stock splits and bonus issues increase the number of shares, but it doesn’t make a stock less valuable. It does not affect the value of your investment or the fundamentals of the company.

What is stock splitting?
Stock splits increase the number of shares remaining by issuing more shares for current shareholders.

Let’s suppose you owned a stock that had a face worth of Rs10 and a market price of Rs500. Splitting in a ratio of 2:1 will result in a face value of Rs10 and a price of Rs500. The ex-date will see the price drop to Rs250.

You would own 2 shares if you bought 1 share at Rs500, a face worth of Rs10, before the split. The face value of the share is Rs5 and the average share price after the split is Rs250.

Within two working days of the record date, the split shares will be credited to your Demat bank account.

Bajaj finserv set 14 September 2022 as the record date for its stock split or sub-division of equity shares. The company announced its Q1FY23 results and stated that its board had approved the stock split or sub-division of equity shares in a ratio of 1 to 5, as well as its approval for the issuance of bonus shares in a ratio of 1:1.


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