Latest update Bihar: 1 killed, 10 injured in firing in Begusarai

Bihar: One person was killed and 10 injured when two cyclists opened fire indiscriminately on a road in the Begusarai district of Bihar on Tuesday night, police said. Police know nothing about the perpetrators who shot bystanders who disturbed them at various police stations in the district. Begusarai police have closed the district perimeter and launched a search to catch the shooter. The deceased has been identified as Chandan Kumar. According to


Police, two people were shot dead in Manipur, three near Barauni Chowk Thermal Power Station, two in Barauni City, two in Tihula Block, and two in Batchuwala Block.
At 18:00, the first incident occurred in the basement of the Tigra police station. The attackers carried advanced weapons and headed for the Bachhwara police station area.
The attackers opened fire indiscriminately on Route 31 and then moved towards Route 28, where witnesses said they entered the town of Barauni. The district police also urged people to stay indoors and not roam the streets.
The injured were taken to various hospitals in Begusarai. One of them was introduced to PMCH Patna.
Bihar has no government and no fear of law among criminals. The criminal fearlessly shot several people as he traveled 30km through the
HP area but was never caught by the police. CM needs to make a statement on this: Union Min and MP Begusarai on Begusarai shooting.


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