Big Deal: Buy iPhone 12 at a Cheap price

iPhone 12: Do you want to invest in your first iPhone? This could be the right time to purchase your beloved iPhone. It is still a distant dream considering the high prices of Apple phones. However, it would be easy to buy an iPhone in these times of many e-tailers competing for consumers’ attention.
Amazon and Flipkart offer huge discounts on Apple’s iPhone 12. Flipkart offers an Rs 8,900 discount on the iPhone 1264GB model, while Amazon gives a discount up to Rs 11,000

iPhone 12

Amazon Massive Discount

Amazon lists the iPhone 12 at Rs 65,000. This is for the 64GB model. Amazon is offering a 17% discount, which is basically a reduction of up to Rs 111,000, bringing the price down to Rs 54,000.

Consumers can also avail of a discount of up to Rs 2,000 on select credit cards of selected banks, including Federal Bank Credit Card and Bank of Baroda. Standard Chartered and Yes Bank are also available. Amazon offers free EMI on selected cards. Exchanging an older device can also get you a discount of up to Rs 11.350. The iPhone can be purchased from Amazon for Rs 43,550.

The iPhone 12 128GB model is currently on sale at Rs. 84,900. The 128GB model will be Rs 59999 with the discount. Amazon’s exchange program offers a discount of up to Rs 11.350

Flipkart’s Steal Deal

Flipkart offers a discount of up to 13% on the iPhone 64GB model, bringing its price down to Rs 56999, down from Rs 65,900. An instant Rs 4,000 discount is available for HDFC Credit Card, Debit Card, and Credit Cards. Flipkart Axis Cardholders can enjoy a 5 percent cashback

The e-tailer also offers a variety of no-cost EMI options. Flipkart also offers an exchange program with a discount up to Rs 133,000 for old smartphones. The iPhone 12 can be purchased for Rs 43.999 by combing the discount of 13 percent and the additional discount offered through the exchange program.

Flipkart also offers a 12 percent discount on the iPhone 12 128GB models, which are priced at Rs 70,000. The 128GB model is available at Rs 61,999 with a discount. The exchange program also offers an additional discount of up to Rs 13,000. The discount and exchange program combine to make the iPhone 12 128GB model available for Rs 48,999.

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