Breaking news: Big ruckus in Chandigarh University, video of 60 girls taking a bath without clothes goes viral, 8 girls commit suicide

Chandigarh University: There was a ruckus at Chandigarh University in Mohali at 2.30 pm. In the girls’ hostel, a student made a video of 60 girls students taking a bath and sent it to a young man. The young man made the video viral on the internet media. It is being told that after coming to know about the matter, eight girl students living in the hostel attempted suicide. The accused student has been taken into custody in the case.

Who made 60 girls bathing video in Chandigarh University:

You can see in the video given below, this girl made a bathing video of those 60 girl students

Chandigarh University

It is being told that the girl was making videos of other girl students while taking a bath for a long time and was sending it to youth from Shimla. The young man put this video on the internet media. She was stunned when the girl students saw her video on the internet media.

Eight girl students attempted suicide after the video went viral on internet media. The girl students have been taken to different hospitals. At the same time, the Chandigarh University management is pressurizing the students to press the matter. The girl students say that they complained about this to the college management, but the college management did not take any action in the matter.

Furious students surrounded Chandigarh University late on Saturday night and started shouting slogans of ‘We for Justice’. It is being told that the girl who made the video has been kept locked in a room of the hostel so that she does not get attacked.
The commotion increased so much that the security guard closed the main gate, while the police force has been called to the spot. The enraged students also overturned PCR vehicles and the police had to lathi-charge. The police administration is also not saying anything as the matter is big.

The girl students say that they had complained about the matter to the management, but the management remained silent in the matter. He refused to reveal anything about the matter to anyone. When the girl students attempted suicide last night, there was a stir in the management.

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