क्यों करना चाहिए श्राद्ध: Why should we do Shradh?

Ujjain. Shradh is a means to please the ancestors. According to religious scriptures, it is best to do Shradh on one’s own land or home, never do Shradh in someone else’s house or land. Shraadh can be performed on land which is not owned by anyone in public. The classical instructions are that-

Parakiya Pradeshu Pitrunam Nivasayettuyah Tadbhumi Swami Pitrubhih Shradh Karma Vihanyate.

Meaning: The ancestors of the one who performs Shradh do not get anything in the Shradh performed in another’s house. The ancestors of the homeowner snatch everything by force.

Tirthadrishtagunam punyam swagrihe dadatah shubhe.

Meaning: Performing Shradh in one’s own home is eight times more virtuous than the Shradh performed in a pilgrimage.

Age: Putraanyash: Swarg Kirtipusthi Balanshriyam.
Pashunsoukhyam Dhanam Dhanyam achittuyatpit pujanat.

Meaning: Worshiping ancestors gives life, sons, fame, heaven, fame, power, Lakshmi, animals, and grains.

The main parts of Shradh are as follows-

  1. Tarpan- In this, water mixed with milk, sesame, kusha, flowers, and smell is given to satisfy the ancestors. There is a law to do it regularly during Shradh Paksha.
  2. Food and Pind Daan- Food is given to Brahmins for the sake of their ancestors. Pind Daan of rice or barley is also done while performing Shradh.
  3. Donation of clothes- Donation of clothes must be done after providing food to Brahmins in Shradh.
  4. Dakshina donation- The wife of Yagya is Dakshina, unless clothes and Dakshina are not given after feeding, its fruit is not received.
क्यों करना चाहिए श्राद्ध

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