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Modi Ji Ki Beti: This is the tale of an aspiring actress who falls prey to the media and finds herself in the centre of an unusual dispute that was instigated by an overly astute journalist who falsely identified her as the daughter of the nation’s most prominent and influential political figure.

Modi Ji Ki Beti

The media seemed to be only concerned with publicising a number of stories about our heroine, who became famous over night. At a hard core terrorist training camp in Pakistan (POK), two would-be-dumb trainee terrorists named Bilaal and Tausif have been exposed as the camp’s most dimwitted individuals, and as a result, they are routinely humiliated.

The terrorist camp frequently makes fun of them. The humiliation drives both of them to act hysterically in a way that will elevate their names in terrorist history. One beautiful day, word spreads that our actress is now filming in Kashmir for her movie.

The two, who are fixated on the concept of being glorified terrorists, devise a plot to abduct ‘Hindustan Ki Beti,’ a celebrity who has gained instant renown, in order to make their successful terrorist debut and put an end to their ongoing humiliation. The voyage begins with the kidnapping plan, and amazingly, the “dumbos” pull it off in the funniest way possible.

These two are neither dangerous nor intelligent; they just happen to be lucky enough to hit their mark and even make a good getaway. The most shocking news for both countries is this kidnapping.

Both governments are under pressure to save this girl, who is a mistaken identification for one of their namesakes. Armies from both nations are combined.

A courageous and heroic army commander named “OMAR SIDDIQUI” is picked to lead this particular rescue effort. As the army and the opposing terrorist group pursue them, BILAAL and TAUSIF go on a funny odyssey of kidnapping and attempt to flee from everywhere.

The voyage, which is a subtly humorous parody, leads us through a connection between Tom and Jerry and also to the origins of terrorism and JEHAAD. How are the innocent deceived in the name of religion, JEHAAD and ISLAAM?

Modi Ji Ki Beti – Official Trailer Avani Modi, Vikram, Pitobash, Tarun

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