See the picture of Sonam Kapoor’s first child

Sonam Kapoor: Vayu is the name of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja‘s kid, who was born last month. In her caption, Sonam wrote: “In the spirit of the force that has breathed new meaning into our lives…In the spirit of Hanuman and Bheem who embody immense courage and strength…In the spirit of all that is sacred, life-giving, and eternally ours, we seek blessings for our son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja.

Sonam and Anand shared the first photo of their son Vayu on Tuesday. Sonam, Anand, and their infant are all visible in the photo wearing complementary yellow clothing.

The baby’s name’s significance was clarified by Sonam, who wrote: “Vayu is listed as one of the aanch tattvas in Hindu texts. He is the supremely potent king of wind, the spiritual father of Hanuman, Bheem, and Madhav, and the god of breath. Vayu, the principle of life and intellect in the cosmos, is represented by Praana. Vayu is related to all of the gods of Praana, Indra, Shiva, and Kali.

He can extinguish evil just as readily as he can give birth to beings. Vayu is praised for being bold, valiant, and stunningly attractive. We appreciate your continuous kind thoughts and prayers for Vayu and his family.”

Vayu, the couple’s first child, was born last month. They sent a message on Instagram announcing the birth of their child. The declaration said: “Our hearts and heads were lowered when we received our adorable newborn son on August 20, 2202.

Thank you to all the medical professionals, nurses, friends, and family who have helped us along the way. Sonam and Anand are aware that our lives are changing drastically even though it is only the beginning.”

After dating for a few years, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja were united in marriage in Mumbai in May 2018. A star-studded wedding and reception were held for them.

Running both the sneaker store VegNonVeg and the apparel line Bhane is Anand Ahuja.

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