Chup: Revenge of the Artist Reviews

To see Chup: Revenge Of The Artist is to invest in a romantic affair that is ended in disappointment since the object you want is revealed to be a bit tinny and depressingly normal. It’s a complete anti-climax.

As a writer who loves the writing process of writing on cinema and loves to write reviews of films, I found myself interested in the main idea of the film, which is about a psychopath who has killed film critics who provide negative ratings to films in the most horrifying way.

Chup: Revenge Of The Artist

When I appear to sound similar to someone who was taken advantage of, it’s because I was genuinely interested in R Balki’s thriller. The film features a fascinating concept as well as one of the most fascinating and captivating parts. It’s thrilling, twisty, and captivating.

By using the cinematographer Vishal Sinha’s lenses, Balki creates a wonderfully rich and dramatic portrait of Bandra as it travels along the byways featuring film graffiti, fantastic local cuisine, and a charming Christian neighbourhood.

There are a few prerequisites to an action film or thriller is the chase of a cat and mouse between police officers and the killer The murder must be compelling enough to raise the eyes of viewers and provoke questions. The suspects need to be interesting and complicated, whose motives are revealed as the film becomes less hazy. The last but not least, the film must be an exhilarating journey.

The problem is that Chup isn’t one in these categories. It is good at first but it simmers way too long before coming to a boil.

The film takes us into the world of florist Danny (Dulquer Salmaan) who is a recluse who lives in Bandra as the city is terrorized by the serial killer who chooses his victims based on their movie reviews as well as star ratings. He runs into the entertainment reporter Nila Menon (Shreya Dhanwanthary) and the love blooms. Guru Dutt’s haunting music from his previous film, Kaagaz Ka Phool or Pyaasa is the soundtrack as do the visuals that create a fascinating story.

On the other hand top cop Arvind Mathur (Sunny Deol) who says the killer is a critic’s critique is a bit naive because the serial killer doesn’t make a mistake and kills his victims with an artistic flair. The film then begins the usual routine of getting the psychopath killer caught who’s always ‘Ek Kadam Aage.

At the start of the movie, you’re provided with enough clues regarding who the perpetrator is. When the whole film is based on a major reveal at the conclusion that has little or no impact and is not a big deal, then you can tell that the creators are treading on snow. The scene where makers attempt to pay homage to the famous filmmaker Guru Dutt by intertwining it with the story of the murderer appears a bit forced.

The film definitely gripped me until the end. Then, the curse of the second half shook me. The explanation for the fascinating mystery was so stale that I couldn’t believe it. I was hoping that Balki who composed the story and screenplay, along with Raja Sen (a film critic himself) and Rishi Virmani would come up with one last twist and save the film. However, that was not the case.

There are many things to be admired in Chup. The credit where it’s due, Balki has beautifully written an intricate character in Dulquer Salmaan. He is an internalized person in most of the time. most of the time, but also possesses the depth of his character, which adds to an intriguing twist to his character. If Dulquer had been unable to perform the film could be a disaster. However, he has remained on the course. It will definitely be regarded as a career-best for the gifted actor. Shreya is a great co-star, sporting minimal makeup and a simple costume. They have a strong backing with Sunny Deol who is simply effortless, and Pooja Bhatt, who is an extended appearance.

Free of pretences, Chup is a bit of a mess thanks to its premise, as well as some thrilling moments of suspense. The lush texture, the wonderful use of real-world locations and the scrumptious camerawork make the plot appear more magical than it really is.

Is Chup: Revenge Of The Artist an acceptable film to watch? It certainly is. It’s more well-constructed than the majority of films that are released this day, and certainly performed, but it ends up being a lot less entertaining than it should be.

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