Instagram Down: Users Unable to Post Images on Instagram due To Global Outages.

Instagram Down: renowned photo-sharing app On Thursday, numerous users throughout the globe were unable to publish, share, refresh their Instagram feeds, or send direct messages (DMs). Several people saw the same problems even after turning their wifi on and off and reinstalling the photo-sharing software. Also read: DCW Summons Microblogging Site, Delhi Police; Child Porn, Rape Videos On Twitter

Twitter posts of people when instagram is down

Some users resorted to Twitter to vent their confusion and frustration over the same problem using the hashtag #InstagramDown. Even some of the users said that sharing jokes and GIFs on the app was giving them trouble.

Soon after users encountered issues on Instagram, a funny meme fest swept over the microblogging platform. Many users reported on Twitter that Instagram has been down for about an hour and that they are unable to access their accounts on the app or website.

Updates show that users in the US, South America, Asia, and Europe are being adversely affected by the Instagram outage, which started about 11:45 a.m. ET.

Although the cause of the technical issues is unknown, customers claim they are unable to access their accounts and, even if they can, the feed does not load. This affects the iOS and Android apps.

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