Today, Telfar is Restocking all of its shopping bags.

Telfar: In the market for designer handbags, the purses that make everyone giddy generally have prices that are 10 times more than the monthly cost of the rent. This is why when Telfar Shopping Bag, which is priced at $150, was able to claim its spot among the most sought-after accessories in the past couple of years, the response was a bit unexpected.

In 2020, when other high-end brands were struggling when the economy took an enormous drop, Telfar, helmed by Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens, seemed to have the best year it has had. The world’s largest fashion-focused platform Lyst announced in their Annual Year of Fashion Report at the end of the year that the search results for the brand had increased by 270 per cent over the course of a week in August. The customers’ interest in the brand’s merchandise is only growing in the years since.

Although Telfar produces a range of items, from clothes to shoes none are as popular as the well-loved Shopping Bag. It’s priced between $150 to $257. It’s virtually impossible to find as each version sells out as quickly after it’s launched.

This month, this brand provided customers with the rare chance to grab the bag in person, by hosting an open-air store at the Rainbow shop in Brooklyn to mark New York Fashion Week. For those who were unable to be able to attend the event, Telfar offers good news. This Friday, Sept. 23rd, Telfar will bring their Telfar Rainbow drop online, offering customers the chance to pick up a bag of any colour or size they’d like. Below, we’ll cover the information you need about the drop, as well as what is the reason why it’s so well-liked at first.

What’s the reason Telfar bags are so well-known?

Clemens founded the company in 2005 and introduced the most-loved Shopping Bag in 2014. However, it wasn’t until recently that things truly began to take off. In the year 2020, the brand (and specifically the Shopping Bag particularly) saw one of the most memorable moments to this point. Clemens received recognition from the industry by winning the American Accessory Designer of the Award at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (which the award was received again at the end of the year 2021) as well as the company received attention from celebs who were seen carrying the bag and enhancing its appeal.

Then Oprah signed it with her official stamp of approval. She named it one of the “favourite things” in 2020. In the wake of that announcement The brand then launched bags for sale on Amazon as the brand’s first-ever obviously they sold out almost immediately.

The bags have gained popularity in the eyes of well-known brands, At the same time, the brand, with the tagline “not for you but for everyone” has been praised for its emphasis on inclusion which is something you won’t typically see among the ranks of fashion — and has spawned a plethora of fans. In March 2021 Telfar supporters defended the brand after Guess G-Label’s Tote had a design and logo that some considered more similar to Telfar. The owner of the handbag licensee for the Guess bag, Signal Brands, later declared it would not be carrying the bag.

The Shopping Bag is dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin” due to its popularity among those in the Brooklyn crowd. The company’s marketing campaigns feature a variety of faces and the cost makes it appear more affordable. The price starts at $150. the bags appear to be higher priced than the average purse, but when you compare them with other designer bags like those offered by Birkin the bags are bargains.

What is the best way to get a Telfar bag?

For those who want to buy one of these bags, there are a few alternatives. It is possible to wait for the forthcoming Bag Security Program, a time-limited event where buyers can buy bags Shopping Bag in any size colour, quantity and size and the company will make the bags. The most recent one was held in April, so you’ll be waiting a bit until another one. If not, be on the lookout for Telfar’s site, Instagram account or Telfar TV app to keep track of announcements regarding regular colour restocks, drops or coming to Bag Security Program events.

Telfar Rainbow drop

A first for the brand made public this week that for the forthcoming Telfar Rainbow drop it would be restocking, not just one colour, but, all colours of its popular Shopping Bag. This afternoon at 12 p.m. ET You’ll be allowed to add any colour, size or amount of bags to the cart provided they’re available. Contrary to Bag Security Program Bag Security Plan, with the Security Package, you don’t need to wait for the bag to be created therefore your purchase will arrive quickly (between Sept. 29 to Oct. 29). 29 and October. 29). There will only be shopping bags sold and you’ll not be able to pick up the Circle, Duffle or any of the Collab bags at the celebration.

The bags are made of vegan leather. It comes with handles and straps for cross-body so it can be worn in multiple ways, as per the company’s guidelines. It is available in a range of colours and blends style and functionality due to its modern design with the iconic Telfar logo as well as a good amount of space for carrying. (The medium size is designed to carry a laptop and a couple of other things and the larger is believed to be spacious enough as a weekend getaway.)

To purchase a bag during the restock today, we recommend making a decision on the size(s) as well as the colour (s) you’d like before the deadline and then heading to the Telfar website around 12 p.m. ET (or slightly earlier). As all bags are being replenished We’re guessing that they’ll sell quickly, which means you’ll need to act quickly to secure a bag!

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