Why is Justice For Ankita Hashtag trending on Twitter?

Ankita: BJP Leader Son Pulkit Arya and Two Others Arrested in Ankita Bhandari Murder Case in Uttrakhand: When the family of a receptionist who was just 19 years old learned that she had been absent from a resort for five days, they filed a complaint for her. She works at a private resort in the Pauri Garhwal district, and now that her corpse has been discovered, it has also been reported that the property’s management and operator were on the run when this crime occurred.

A page in support of the missing girl is also active as word of this tragedy spreads online. In the part after this, we’ll learn more about this news.

Who was Ankita Bhandari’s killer?

Therefore, it has been determined that some political officials are implicated in this murder case based on facts and video supplied by the news journalist. Three suspects have reportedly been detained in this case, which also involves Pulit Arya’s father Vinod Arya, a former BJP minister of Uttrakhand. He was also detained in this incident.

Along with him, two other people—Ankita, alias Pulkit Gupta, and Shakti Bhaskar, the resort’s manager—were charged. The accused have now admitted guilt and provided the police with the full account of what happened. Ankita Bhandari’s body is currently being searched by authorities, who are also attempting to investigate the entire incident of this case.

Recognize the full picture

The team is now looking into this matter as the family is begging for justice, according to CM Dhami. The Director General of Police has stated that severe action should be done against the perpetrators in this murder case. Their daughter’s body has also been discovered, and the DGP announced that the three suspects have been taken into custody. The DGP described the incident as tragic because the girl from the small village who worked at the resort went missing for five days, and now everyone is paying attention to the case.


As a result of the revelation, many people are now lining the streets in an effort to demand justice for the family. An investigation is ongoing since it is thought that there are other additional parties involved in this case. The assistant said that because she was stressed, they took her on vacation; nevertheless, when they returned the following morning, she was gone from the room. Later, they looked for her, but they were unsuccessful, and everyone is spreading rumours about this information.

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