After claims of Chinese President Xi Jinping being under house arrest surfaced, he is trending on Twitter

Xi Jinping: Following many rumours from China claiming that President Xi Jinping had been placed under house arrest by the People’s Liberation Army, the hashtag “Xi Jinping” began to trend on Twitter (PLA). Many users of the hashtag posted amusing memes and words critical of President Jinping.

After Chinese human rights activist Jennifer Zeng shared a video on Twitter, the story broke. A few military vehicles can be seen driving down a road in the footage. The caravan, according to Zeng, was 80 kilometres long, and there were rumours that Xi Jinping had been placed under house arrest.

“#PLA military vehicles going to #Beijing on Sep 22,” said Zeng, who shared the footage. The procession spans up to 80 KM and begins in Huanlai County, close to Beijing, and ends in Zhangjiakou City, in the province of Hebei. Following the removal of #XiJinping as leader of the PLA by #CCP top officials, rumours are circulating that he was in custody.

60% of flights in China were reportedly cancelled on Friday, according to press sources. However, no explanation was provided in this respect. General Li Qiaoming of the Chinese Army has assumed the role of president on social media.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s twitter memes

“Get ready for a significant global stock market meltdown if rumours of #XiJinping’s detention or a coup in China prove to be real, which now appear improbable. Destabilization of China will assure a significant outflow of cash. Country is already seated on a large “everything” bubble, according to user Palak Shah.

Mass Flight Cancellations Across China: 60% of flights were cancelled yesterday, true news -Coup in #China News: Real or Fake, not clear Another person said, “There might be significant churning before the 20th National Congress of the CCP -That’s why #Xi Jinping didn’t walk out for 2.5 years -I will return.

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