After Falguni Pathak praises the audience for picking Maine Payal Hai Chhankai over Neha Kakkar’s O Sajn, the internet responds.

Falguni Pathak: In the past, Neha Kakkar released the remake of Falguni Pathak’s famous track Maine Payal Hai Chhankai, that didn’t sit well with the online community. People on social media criticized Neha for “disrupting” the original tune and asked her to stop remaking popular songs.

Twitter Memes About Neha Kakkar And Falguni Pathak

On Friday, Falguni responded to the track and stated, “I thank all my fans ki ab tak unhe wohi gaana aacha lag raha hai. Kyuki uss mein simplicity thi. Yeh video maine dekha nahi hai… I will watch it. But uss video mein, music, lyrics, picturisation mein simplicity hai. Yeh sab bahut mainey rakhta hai. Shayad wohi logo ko chhuta hoga. Toh yeh sab ka dhyaan rakhna zaroori hai.” Pathak further stated that songs have been remixed over the years and there are excellent renditions too.

“Remixes toh bahut pehele se ban rahe hai. Aaj bhi ban rahe hai… aur kuch aache bhi hai…aisa nahi hai. Yeh thoda iska dhyaan rakhna zaroori hai.”

Falguni Pathak Maine Payal Hai Chhankai

Falguni Pathak Maine Payal Hai Chhankai

After watching Falguni Pathak’s reactionto her, the internet are awestruck. One wrote “Phalguni Pathak will be my forever queen as she has given me a 90s kid very beautiful dear memories which I cherish so much” Another wrote “Falguni Ji, aaj bhi aapke gaane sunkar, cMann, Shanti milti hai. bhagwaan aapko Swastha rakhe,yahi hum chahne walo ki bhagwaan se prarthana hai.”

The third person said, “Rightly said how can one recreate this timeless song. Our childhood memories are still with this tune. It shouldn’t have been done.” A fourth said, “What surprised me is that they didn’t even receive permission from the original singer before they begin to make recreations of their music? I doubt it according to the comments made by falguni in this interview. It seems like the falguni maam was not aware that her own song was re-created and released. It’s a shame and disrespectful is that the original singer has to do this in the first place, even if it is to be this way.”

The fifth person wrote, “You are totally right, mam we appreciate your voice.”The sixth person wrote, “There is nothing wrong with a remix or recreation, but the content of the video should be of a high standard. If it’s offensive or offensive, it can ruin the original track, it’s the lyricist, the singer, or composer.”

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