The movie “Diesel,” starring Harish Kalyan and Athulya,

Diesel: The film starring Harish Kalyan and Athulyaa Ravi has released its first image. Diesel is the name given to the movie. Harish may be seen holding to the fuel tank in one of the posters while admiring Athulya, who looked lovely in a half-sari.

While the romance aspect of the movie was depicted in this poster, the actor appears gruff in the other. As he was spotted holding the hose from the diesel tank, he seemed nervous.
In December 2021, production on the Shanmugam Muthusamy-directed movie began.
Harish Kalyan

The movie is described as an action romance with an underground setting. Earlier, Shanmugham spoke with us and remarked,

This movie will discuss a current problem that has an impact on every part of the lives of the average person. I studied this topic for six years before writing this script “says the director.

“He continued by saying that after viewing Harish’s performances in Dharala Prabhu and Oh Manapenne, he decided to cast Harish, who has previously played lover-boy parts, in the character of a mobster.

“He can play active roles as well as chocolate-boy roles, in my opinion, among the young actors of today. In this movie, a sickle has been placed in his hands in place of a rose “said he.

The movie will focus on the relationship between Athulyaa’s character and a lawyer who has links to the criminal underworld.

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