iPhone 14 manufacturing begins in India by Apple

iPhone 14: According to rumours from TechCrunch and Bloomberg, Apple has begun producing the iPhone 14 in India. This is the first time Apple has moved manufacturing this swiftly from China to India following the release of a new iPhone.

According to TechCrunch, Apple is manufacturing the product at Foxconn’s facility in Sriperumbudur, India. Although Apple has previously made its premium iPhones in India, it has often done so only after the device’s initial release. The business just recently began producing the iPhone 13 in India in April, and it has also done so for the iPhone 12 and 11 models.

iPhone 14

The first time we learned that Apple intended to reduce the time it takes to move manufacturing from China to India was back in August when the company said it initially hoped to finish producing the first iPhones in India by the end of October.

According to a person familiar with the matter, Apple and Foxconn were able to resolve the matter of the supply chain, which allowed Apple to accelerate the transfer of manufacturing to India.

According to a statement sent to TechCrunch by an Apple representative, “We’re pleased to be producing iPhone 14 in India.” The Verge contacted Apple for comment, but they didn’t get back to them right away.

Due to escalating tensions with the US, Apple initially began producing iPhones in India in 2017. The move was made in an effort to lessen the company’s dependency on China.

Additionally, as the gadgets are produced locally in India, their price may be lower there, increasing their attractiveness to the Indian market. TechCrunch reports that the regular iPhone 14 is presently priced in India at 79,900 rupees ($980), as compared to $799 in the US.

It appears that other businesses, like Google, are also considering setting up production facilities outside of China. According to reports, Google intends to move the manufacturing of its Pixel smartphone to Vietnam or India. Since 2007, Samsung has produced electronics there; in 2018, it established the largest phone factory in the world in India.

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