After the announcement of Russian mobilization, a crowd of Russians gathered along the border with Georgia.

Russian mobilization: Demand for tickets on private jets has increased as Russians grow more frantic to leave for fear that Russia may soon seal its borders to males of fighting age after Putin’s decision to call up the military during its war with Ukraine.

Rich people are paying outrageous sums for seats on private flights to travel to Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan, which don’t require visas for Russians to enter. This is happening in the midst of pandemonium. The price of a seat on a private jet ranges from £20,000 to £25,000.

Russian mobilization
Russian mobilization

According to The Guardian, renting an eight-seater plane may cost anywhere between £80.000 and £140,000, which is significantly more than what it would ordinarily cost.

The director of a broker jet firm, Your Charter’s Yevgeny Bikov, declared, “The situation is totally ridiculous right now. The number of requests has increased from 50 per day to almost 5,000.

According to Bikov, his company sought to lease larger commercial flights to lower the cost and fulfil demand, but there weren’t enough spaces for everyone. According to him, a commercial flight’s least expensive seat costs £3,000.

Another private jet company, FlightWay, reported a 50-fold surge in demand for one-way trips to Dubai, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Armenia.

The CEO of the firm, Eduard Simonov, claimed that the EU and UK sanctions, which forbade leasing or insuring aircraft for use in Russia, had a significant negative influence on the availability of planes for rent.

“The market has been abandoned by all European private jet companies. The costs have skyrocketed in comparison to six months ago and there is currently a greater demand than supply, according to Simonov.

The unknown is the precise number of individuals who have fled Russia since Putin declared a “partial mobilisation” last Wednesday. But an early image of a sizable exodus is starting to take shape.

Border crossings with Kazakhstan, Finland, and Mongolia have also reported lengthy lines, and similar scenes to those at the Russia-Georgia border have also occurred there. Russia’s borders have not been blocked, and security personnel typically looked to be allowing individuals to depart.

There are either no seats left on flights leaving from Moscow to the few nations that have direct flights with Russia, or there are very few seats left at exorbitant costs.

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