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SEIZED: In the course of Tuesday’s searches on the Popular Front of India (PFI) organisation by the Kerala Police following several violent occurrences that were recorded during last Friday’s countrywide hartal, weapons were confiscated from PFI locations.

Inspections were carried out at the Wayanad district’s Mananthavady and Vellamunda as well as the Alappuzha district’s Ambalapuzha, Punnapra, and Purakkad.

Police in Mananthavady allegedly discovered four billhooks inside the tyre store owned by the president of the PFI area committee, Saleem, who is now at large.

During the hartal that was called in protest of last week’s statewide crackdown on PFI by the National Investigation Agency over allegations of ties to terrorism, Mananthavady had seen a number of violent occurrences.

In relation to the hartal-related violence, at least 85 people from Mananthavady were detained.

Bank records were taken from the homes of Suneer, the secretary of the Purakkad panchayat committee, and Najeeb, a member of the Ambalappuzha North panchayat, both of Alappuzha. For throwing stones at buses during the hartal, the pair was detained.

Two homes in Mala, Thrissur, were searched. Similar examinations were conducted at the Palakkad-based homes of PFI leaders.

During the hartal that was called in protest of last week’s statewide crackdown on PFI by the National Investigation Agency over allegations of ties to terrorism, 

Mananthavady had seen a number of violent occurrences.

In relation to the hartal-related violence, at least 85 people from Mananthavady were detained. Bank records were taken from the homes of Suneer, the secretary of the Purakkad 

panchayat committee, and Najeeb, a member of the Ambalappuzha 

North panchayat, both of Alappuzha. 

For throwing stones at buses during the hartal, the pair were detained.

Two homes in Mala, Thrissur, were searched. 

Similar examinations were conducted at the Palakkad-based homes of PFI leaders.

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