Big Breaking: Surbhi Chandna fainted in the presence of Hina Khan

In front of Hina Khan, Surbhi Chandna passed out.

Hina Khan, a TV series actress, has millions of fans because of her good looks and performance. Hina Khan, an actress, recently participated in a fashion show. While wearing a yellow luxury lehenga, the actress made a dramatic entrance.

Actress Surbhi Chandna also participated in this fashion week event at the same time. Actress Surbhi Chandna was all ready to light up the runway in a stunning pink lehenga. However, Hina Khan once again stole the show on this occasion. View the most recent images from the Bombay Times Fashion Week occasion here.

In fashion week, Hina Khan stands out.

Hina Khan, an actress, just come to take part in Fashion Week. where the actress made her entrance in a stunning yellow lehenga

In a yellow lehenga, Hina Khan.

At this time, the actress took on the position of a showstopper for a renowned fashion designer. The actress was gorgeous in this photo.

Tashan was impressed by Hina Khan in a deep-v-neck blouse.

Actress Hina Khan was spotted passionately displaying her blouse style while walking down the runway. Even the actress’s admirers continued to praise her after seeing these images.

On the runway, Hina Khan exhibits her beauty.

Actress Hina Khan aggressively displayed her beauty on the runway during this time. The actress moved along the runway while posing in a lehenga.

In front of Hina Khan’s Tashan, stars falter

Several celebrities took part in the Bombay Times Fashion Week event. However, the actress Hina Khan left the rest of the group behind.

Surbhi Chandna also rose to stardom.

Surbhi Chandna, a famous actress, also attended this Fashion Week event. The actress arrived at this location wearing a pink lehenga.

Surbhi Chandna committed a rampage.

On the ramp, actress Surbhi Chandna was also spotted enthralling the crowd. On social media, these images of the actress are spreading like wildfire.

TV snakes clashed on the ramp.

Both of these TV serial actresses were spotted competing in fashion on the runway around this time. Despite the fact that they both caused a stir with their distinctive appearances.

Everyone was left watching Hina Khan’s look

However, only Hina Khan has been spotted winning in this bout, according to some. After the ramp walk, the actress showered her admirers with affection.

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