Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam made fun of Abdu Rozik, and People were furious with Archana’s talk

Archana Gautam: The commotion has also begun with the premiere of Bigg Boss 16. On social media, there is a discussion on each and every competitor. The subject that has people the most up in arms is Archana Gautam, who ran for Congress in Hastinapur, a neighbourhood in Meerut. Archana also goes by the name Miss Bikini. She is just as brash offline as she is online. Because of this, he experienced something that made people upset with him.

Abdu Rozik was made fun of by Archana Gautam

Actually, Salman Khan had stated on September 27th that the Bigg Boss 16 house would also feature social media star Abdu Rozik. who is 19 years old, has a very attractive appearance and has some knowledge of Hindi. Abdu made an effort to get along with everyone in the house, but Archana Gautam was observed making fun of his height with the other family members.

Angry individuals on social media

An online video is becoming quite popular. Hey who is this, it shouldn’t fall beneath someone’s feet like a ball in the dark, says Bikini Queen Archana. She then began to giggle, and other family members joined in to encourage her. Because he didn’t know Hindi, Abdu, who was seated close, was unable to understand everything.

People said – ‘Shame on Archana’

Social media users are already incensed at Archana Gautam’s action. He claims that we have been invited to take part in the national game show, and you are making fun of him in this way. Anyone who is laughing should feel bad and offer Abdu their apology.

Made similar remarks about Sumbul as well.

Let’s just say that when Sumbul Tauqeer, the lead actress in the TV series Tamarind, also arrived at the home, Archana laughed when she heard her name and said that someone should have retained a suitable name for Sumbul. Recall that Archana Gautam stated in the episode that she was a leader and that she wanted to marry an MP in order to get recognition. She also packed a cob in her suitcase in addition to this. Salman Khan enjoyed his laughter a lot.

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