Bigg Boss 16: What happened that Sajid Khan and Shehnaaz Gill are so trending on Twitter?

Sajid Khan: Superstar Salman Khan presented the reality TV series Bigg Boss 16. With a boom, Bigg Boss 16 is back! At the big debut, which aired on Saturday, October 1, the reality television programme was unveiled. In the first programme, when the emcee presented the detainees, Sajid Khan was one of the most surprising faces. His appearance startled the audience, and the encouragement from Shehnaaz Gill was even more unexpected.

A well-known Bigg Boss 13 competitor named Shehnaaz Gill provided the director support in an unique video message. She wished him well and gave him some suggestions. “Hello, Sajid Bhai, congrats on winning Bigg Boss, mai bahot khush hu,” she remarked. Or otherwise, apni scripts ke via hasaate ho, jaise aap logo ko TV me hasaate aaye ho. Idhar reality show me bhi na poora faad dena, mai chahti hu. Apna karna logo ko entertain. Please, hame ladaaiyaan nahi dekhni. Real me ho waise hi waha pe rehna, ham chahte hai ki aap entertain karo. And best wishes to you from me, aapke sath.

Sajid Khan was moved by her kind act and later said that he considers Shehnaaz to be his younger sister. There is something about this girl, he said. She and I have grown close over the past three to four months. She resembles my little sister. The filmmaker stated that he is working with Shehnaaz Gill on his upcoming movie and predicted that she would become a major celebrity in the future.

Some internet users voiced their disgust and began criticising the show when director Sajid Khan approached the home. They were furious that the director, a #MeToo inmate, had

received an invitation to participate in Bigg Boss 16.

The #MeToo Convict Sajid Khan!

For those who are unaware, Indian models and celebrities started the #MeToo movement in 2018, and many women have since come forward to discuss their experiences with sexual harassment. Bollywood actor and director Sajid Khan was one of the individuals whose names stunned the nation. Jiah Khan, Saloni Chopra, Aahana Kumra, and writer Karishma Upadhyay are among the women who have accused filmmaker Sajid Khan of sexual assault.

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