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One objective was front of mind for The Walking DeadWalking Dead showrunner Angela Kang as she approached the last episodes of the long-running AMC drama’s final season. She laughs as she says, “Oh my God,” to TVLine. Try to screw it up not!

Okay, perhaps she had two main objectives in mind. The EP notes that “the thing we felt we absolutely had to achieve” with these last eight episodes (the first of which debuts on Sunday, Oct. 2, at 9/8) was to ensure that each character’s tale “had some degree of closure.” “We wanted to get a sense of where they are emotional, whatever shape it takes… You would thus still feel that things are finished even if you didn’t see anything further after this.

However, she continues, “since there are spinoffs, there are avenues to continue,” it is evident.

But first, the mother ship will sort of go backwards in its travels. The idea behind these episodes, according to Kang, “had to do with being in the Commonwealth, which is a community that keeps you locked in your past, and was [not just] suited for the [end] of the show. When compared to who they were previously, our heroes have undergone tremendous growth. So they are taking it into account. Were we anyone? Now, who are we? Who do we aspire to be right now?

She says, “All of it fits really thematically with the particular organisation we’re up against, but it also brings back some memories for us.”

Daryl will make Rick proud.

The gruff-yet-sensitive hero played by Norman Reedus will be under a lot of pressure as The Walking Dead lurches toward its climax. The CEO observes, “We’ve lost so many of our leaders along the line, and Daryl is one of that initial set of guys. Because he had a childhood where others didn’t stand up for him, “the weight that’s on him is so heavy, and he just kind of steps up.” He has disrupted that rhythm.

‘Donnie’ may finally happen

For a while there, many a fan — us included — was convinced that Daryl was sweet on Connie and vice versa. But when it was revealed that Lauren Ridloff’s character hadn’t actually perished in Season 10, the twosome… hugged. And that was about it. More’s to come, though. “There’s definitely a vibe there,” Kang acknowledges. Where it takes Daryl and Connie, “people will just have to watch and see.”

The last arc of Carol takes a turn.

Kang shouts, “The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes if you’re asking whether Melissa McBride’s Walking Dead sendoff was changed when she walked out of the Daryl/Carol spinoff. “Over the course of this, so many things changed. One reason is that the switch to a spinoff was planned for a long time. Therefore, it goes without saying that our initial concept for how the series would finish with her changed as well. She quickly adds, “But her narrative is not finished. We’ll just say it again and again: Her tale is not over. There were just difficulties.

The conclusion of Negan and Maggie is also midway.

By now, everyone is aware that in 2023, The Walking Dead: Dead City, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, will be released. The last eight episodes will provide the enemy — are we there yet? — “but it’s going to be its own trip.” Can we ever be? — to arrive at some sort of comprehension. Kang exclaims, “Those actors are really excellent together in the concluding parts of this programme.” “They got a spinoff for a reason,”

The number of deaths is increasing.

Since not every member of the large ensemble will appear in the spinoff, several characters may soon meet their maker. According to Kang, “there’s a lot of risks” in the last block and “not everyone is going to make it.” Which, for the audience, isn’t always a negative thing. She chuckles as she explains, “There are going to be certain moments that I believe people are really going to appreciate because there is a fantasy version of justice that is a little bit gorier than real-life justice.”

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