Bigg Boss 16: Tina Dutta tells Abdu Rozik I want to be your girlfriend

Abdu Rozik: Bigg Boss 16’s upcoming episode will include the song “Swayamvar” by Tajik artist Abdu Rozik. The channel teased an entertaining dialogue between Tina Datta, star of the television series Uttaran, and Abdu.

Bigg Boss 16

In the promo, Tina says, “Hum iska swayamvar kar rahe hain.” Abdu Rozik is perplexed and says, “What?” “We will get you married,” she continues. The actress then queries him, “Can we go out?

Will you let me date you? Your cheeks are gorgeous. Your grin is lovely, too. ”

He blushes in response and says, “You are cute.” Tina is moved by this.
They’re joined by Shiv Thakare, who taunts Abdu Rozik by saying they’ll marry him to politician Archana Gautam. Abdu gives him a gentle arm blow after expressing his disapproval of the notion. Look at the advertisement.

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Sajid Khan was assigned the role of #Abdurozik house translator in the episode that aired last night. Along with several amusing exchanges, Abdu and MC Stan had a serious discussion with him.

Abdu discussed his financial difficulties and disclosed that his family used to reside in a home with a leak issue due to their extreme poverty. He said that he had recently purchased his parents’ newer, larger home.

“I used to get ridiculed at school. They made fun of my height and prevented me from going to school, so I haven’t had a formal education,” he continued.
As a result, MC Stan and Sajid praised him for his bravery.

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