Big Breaking: Will Tina Dutta wed while living in the Big Boss 16 house?

The Bigg Boss 16th season of the reality series has brought an end to Tina Dutta’s long wait to enter the Bigg Boss house, one of the well-known television actresses. Fans of the actress are now able to view her real-life avatar for the first time.

In an interview she gave to a news outlet before competing on Bigg Boss 16, Tina spoke about her preparation and game plan for the show in an interview she gave to a news outlet before competing on Bigg Boss 16.

Are you prepared to enter the Bigg Boss house mentally?

No one is allowed to reside in the Bigg Boss house as a fake. Even with constant surveillance, you cannot hide your truth even if you pretend to be virtuous for a month. I’m not entering the house with the intention of taking on Sati Savitri and winning the competition. The television programme Bigg Boss reveals your genuine nature. I wish to exhibit my genuine self to the viewers and supporters.

What would you select between romance and kitchen duties as the show’s deciding factors?

Bigg Boss may be won in a variety of ways. Consider Siddharth Shukla, who didn’t perform particularly well in the kitchen yet still won the competition. It’s all a mental game; it all depends on how well your personality is received by the audience. In addition to this, it is important to consider how you come across to the audience.

Do you want to meet someone at home?

When it comes to this, I have an open mind. Usually, when competitors display love on the programme, the viewers share that emotion. However, occasionally the participants take their relationship seriously and continue to be close long after leaving the house. When you share a 24-hour-a-day home with someone, things move quickly.

Are you prepared to wed on the programme?

Why not, if I can locate a decent lad in the house? Other than me, I’m not sure who else is performing in the concert, but I can bet the lads will be there. I don’t think I can be married at home because I am not dating anyone.

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