Bigg Boss 16 day 4 Highlights: MC Stan is made fun of by Archana Gautam

Shiv Thakare and MC Stand got into a heated dispute on Wednesday because the former believed the latter was making fun of him. The rapper said that he witnessed Shiv and Ankit mocking him. Shiv clarified that he wasn’t mocking the artist who erred, though. Later, Sajid Khan got involved and forced them to embrace.

Gautam Vig and Archana Gautam talk about MC Stan.

Meanwhile, Archana Gautam expressed her opinion that MC Stan’s jewellery and shoes are fake. She even stated that she would learn about it after leaving the BB house and would then tell the public. Stan claims that his jewellery costs Rs. 1.5 crore, according to Gautam. What if these are not artificial, Gautam Vig posed as a question to her. “Main samaj jaaungi fir ye taaza taaza ameer bana hai,” she then retorted. They both laughed as soon as they finished speaking.

Manya Singh vs. Archana Gautham

Manya Singh and Archana Gautam got into a fight when the former said that being named Miss India Runner-Up wasn’t a Big Deal. Even so, she began enquiring about the cost of the crown. Archana later reveals to everyone how she got Miss Bikini. As soon as they heard this, everyone began to chuckle.

Abdu Rozik vs. MC Stan

Bigg Boss gave Abdu Rozik and MC Stan a mission and a competition to complete. Shiv Thakare took over as manager of MC Stand, while Sumbul managed Abdu. The performers’ managers had to persuade others to help them create reels. Most Bigg Boss contestants produced reels with MC Stand, who ultimately won the job. They really backed Sumbul rather than Shiv, hence the matchup changed to Sumbul vs. Shiv.

Kili Paul joins Bigg Boss 16

Kili Paul joined the Bigg Boss 16 house earlier in the day and charmed everyone. He was spotted dancing to the song “Tu Cheez Badi hai mast” by Bollywood star Govinda. Everyone who saw him was ecstatic.

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