Breaking news: Why is the hashtag Shaadi Karni Hai kya trending on Twitter?

A new Twitter trend began on Thursday, and individuals from all across the internet banded together to outsmart one another by giving the trend humorous twists. You might have noticed a current trend on Twitter if you frequently use one-liners that end with Shaadi Karni Hai kya. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the phrase’s definition and history, you’ve come to the right spot.

A creative strategy was developed by, a matrimony agency, to promote its brand while also making it fun. Users of had problems. the sentence should be concluded with Shaadi Karni hai kya. Which suggests that you’re planning a wedding?

These are some amusing Tweets.

The second most popular hashtag on Twitter, Shaadi Karni hai kya, gathered traction and was promoted to the Trending section. Almost 4,000 people have joined in on the popular hashtag.

Although many people participated in the Twitter trend, some of them took a different tack and defended those who are single and found it hard to relate to the debate. Additionally, single people’s humorous perspectives have received a lot of love and attention.

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