Breaking news: Fiancé agrees to Sreejita Dey for ‘Bigg Boss 16’, the actress has come to the house at the behest of Miken

Sreejita Dey’s presence in the “Bigg Boss 16” house and her display of a powerful personality have made headlines. She was initially hesitant to participate in the reality show. Her fiancé, Miken BP, was the one who persuaded her to participate in “Bigg Boss 16.” Sreejita Dey discussed her involvement in the reality show with our partner ETimes TV before departing for the show. She discussed the traits in people that she finds intolerable as well as how challenging it is. He spoke extensively about “BB 16 House.”

In what way did Sreejita consent to “Bigg Boss 16”?

I was often given the programme in the past, but I wasn’t prepared, according to Sreejita Dey. When I was approached this time, my fiance was a major factor in convincing me to participate in the show. He advised me not to back away from any obstacle since it is both a task and an excellent opportunity. I discussed it with several of my friends, who advised me to go since it would change my life and teach me a lot about who I am.

Avoiding pointless conflict

She said, “I will not engage in any argument or fight merely for the purpose of it and I will avoid it as much as possible since I think fighting is of no benefit. ” when asked how she planned to prevent conflicts. with illiterate or foolish individuals. Only when it is necessary if something is wrong at home will I speak up or raise my voice. I don’t believe I will devote my focus to every pointless argument occurring in the home.

Dislikes people

The “Nazar” actress also discussed the traits in individuals that she finds intolerable and most upsetting. She said, “I can’t tolerate it when people cut the discussion off in the midst, which we all do. Don’t just listen; explain what you’re attempting to accomplish. The other person will be unable to grasp what you are saying as a result.

My weakness is my fiance, says Sreejita Dey

She remarked, “Being away from my fiancé is a worry that is bothering me continuously,” when speaking about being apart from her boyfriend Michael. Actually, I keep thinking about it, and I haven’t been able to sleep at night for the past several days. She will be the one I will miss the most, and if I ever feel like giving up or fleeing, thinking of her will be the only thing that will keep me going. He may be the only person who can simultaneously be my strength and vulnerability. Both my strength and my weakness come from having him in my life.

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