Priyanka Chopra stated that she supports Iranian women who are protesting the killing of Mahsa Amini:

Actress Priyanka Chopra has expressed her support for Iranian women who are protesting Mahsa Amini’s killing and said she is “in awe” of their bravery and determination. The voices that “spoke after years of imposed quiet,” according to Priyanka, “must not be stopped.”
Priyanka Chopra

Also urging others to join the “critical movement,” the actor said that “numbers count.” In addition, Priyanka posted a black-and-white artwork made in memory of Mahsa. Mahsa could be seen watching as numerous ladies tugged at her hair in the photograph.

Priyanka wrote as her caption: “In support of Mahsa Amini, whose young life was brutally taken by the Iranian Morality Police for donning her hijab “improperly,” women in Iran and around the world are speaking out, raising their voices, shaving their heads in public, and engaging in many other forms of protest.

The voices that finally emerge after long periods of coerced quiet will deservedly erupt. Additionally, they CANNOT and WILL NOT be stemmed.”

“Your bravery and your goal inspire me. It is difficult to take an actual life-threatening danger to oppose the patriarchal system and defend your rights. But despite the risk to yourselves, you are brave women who do this every day.

We must respond to their appeal, comprehend the problems, and then unite behind them with our collective voices if we want this movement to have a lasting impact. Everyone who has the power to influence others ought to participate as well. Data is important “Added she.

As Priyanka put it, “Don’t be silent; join this important cause. Keep yourself informed and speak up so that their voices may no longer be silenced. I support you.

Jin, Jiyan, and Azadi… freedom, life, and women.” Mahsa Amini, Iran demonstrations, and women’s life independence were also included as hashtags. Fans responded to the message by thanking her. Someone wrote, “We appreciate you speaking for us! We sincerely appreciate it and require any assistance we can get! #MahsaAmini.”

Mahsa, 22, was imprisoned by the morality police last month for allegedly violating Iran’s rigorous clothing code for women. She was later declared deceased a few days later. She allegedly failed to adequately cover her hair with the required Islamic hijab, often known as the headscarf. She passed away three days after collapsing at a police station.

Young women took to the streets and openly chopped off their hair in the most significant threat to Iran’s government since the 2009 Green Movement rallies brought millions of people out onto the streets after Mahsa’s death sparked demonstrations in dozens of cities throughout the nation.


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