Why Jai Shri Mahakal Trending on Twitter?

Jai Shri Mahakal: Prior to the big ‘Mahakal Lok’ opening on October 11, several Madhya Pradesh ministers, district collectors, and different state ministries have altered their Twitter profile pictures to a shared theme image.

While Scindia, a descendant of the once-royal Gwalior family, which has a close connection to Ujjain, altered his display picture, other Twitter users also updated their profile pictures.


Some of the top authorities in this place have also updated their WhatsApp profile pictures.

Days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicates the new corridor to the “Jai Shri Mahakal Maharaj,” Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan urged people to do so on Twitter in order to pay “our venerable homage” to the presiding deity of the historic Mahakaleshwar temple.

On Thursday afternoon, Chouhan updated the cover photo and display picture on his official Twitter account to two digital posters with the names “Shri Mahakal Lok Ujjain” and pictures of the Mahakaleshwar Temple and the sacred Jyotirlinga, respectively.

One of the 12 “jyotirlingas” in the nation, the Mahakaleshwar Temple attracts pilgrims all year long.

Jai Shri Mahakal Lok will be dedicated to respected Shri Mahakal Maharaj on October 11 by our Prime Minister @narendramodi ji, marking the auspicious occasion. Come take part in this event and offer Shri Mahakaleshwar our reverent homage by using your social media profile’s DP and banner. Jai Shri Mahakaal,” he said in Hindi in his tweet.

A trident and a “damru” are shown above the official name of the corridor, “Jai Shri Mahakal Lok Ujjain,” in the new display picture or profile image. The mega corridor’s name and its theme design are also seen on the cover image.

By Saturday, the fresh photos could be seen on the official Twitter accounts of collectors from Ujjain, Indore, Mandsaur, Shajapur, Jabalpur, Ujjain Municipal Commissioner, and Ujjain Smart City Ltd, among others.

The Superintendent of Police and Collector of Ujjain’s official WhatsApp numbers now have the same themed profile image that is used on Twitter.

The display graphics have also been modified by Bhupendra Singh and Mohan Yadav, Chouhan’s cabinet colleagues.

The PM is anticipated to arrive in Ujjain around 5:30 PM and would spend approximately 2-2.5 hours in the city before departing, according to Bhupendra Singh, the state government’s minister for housing and urban development, who made the announcement here on Thursday.

He called Prime Minister Modi “Jai Shri Mahakal Maharaj’s passionate devotee.”

Following Chouhan’s appeal, a number of state departments, including those in charge of culture, tourism, industry policy, and investment promotion, as well as offices of PRO in Ujjain and Shajapur, religious trusts and endowments, animal husbandry, cooperative, cottage, and rural industries, public relations, have also adopted the same policy.

The two photos have already been updated on the MP MyGov, Chief Minister, MP, and Office of Shivraj official Twitter accounts.

On Saturday, Scindia, the Union Minister for Civil Aviation in the Modi administration, also posted a video of the “Mahakal Lok” and predicted that it will be extremely beneficial for both tourism and spirituality.

On October 11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to dedicate a huge “Mahakal Lok” in the holy city of Ujjain. The development of Ujjain and its “Mahakal Lok” will be extremely beneficial from the perspectives of tourism and spirituality, he tweeted in Hindi.

In one poster, MP MyGov stated that the first phase of the corridor project was built at a cost of Rs 350 crore and that the cost for its second phase is projected to be Rs 450 crore. The MP MyGov published some images and videos of the soon-to-open “Mahakal Lok” on Saturday.

On Twitter on Friday, it also launched a selfie competition with Mahakal.

The state administration has posted videos of requests made by people from many walks of life, including actors, poets, priests, and singers, encouraging residents to take part in this time on Twitter.

At this location, around 200 kilometres from the state capital of Bhopal, Modi will dedicate the first phase of the Rs 856 crore Mahakaleshwar Temple corridor development project on October 11.

Through social media, the almost 900-meter-long corridor—one of the country’s longest of its kind—is gaining popularity with young people.

The beginning of the corridor, which weaves its way to the entrance of the old temple, has two gates—Nandi Dwar and Pinaki Dwar—erected nearby. The two gateways are separated by a short distance and provide attractive vistas as they go

108 elaborate sandstone columns with trident-style designs on their tops and “mudras” of Lord Shiva on their faces adorn the passageway. Additionally, it includes over 50 paintings illustrating various tales derived from the Shiv Puran, as well as flowing fountains surrounded by magnificent statues of Lord Shiva and other deities.


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