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Have you been following the Ned Fulmer and Try Guys situation? The writers for Saturday Night Live have reportedly decided that the controversy surrounding the well-known YouTube prankster group and its former member has entered the melodramatic territory.

The three surviving Try Guys members reply to former Try Guy Fulmer being asked to quit the squad after being exposed as having an affair with a team member in a video parodied in a comedy from Saturday’s programme.

The Try Guys, who have 8 million YouTube subscribers, are known for performing bizarre things like painting nude pictures of themselves while naked and getting very high. In their real video response to the firing of Fulmer, a sad, upset Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, and Zach Kornfeld went into further detail about the initial event, the internal review including HR and legal teams, and the procedure that resulted in the dismissal.

The group reveals that Fulmer is being digitally erased from videos and removed from Try Guys products in that video, which was uploaded earlier this week. Habersberger explains that they “can’t discuss the specifics of the review, but suffice to say that Ned had engaged in behaviour unworthy to our team.”

The SNL version cranks up the drama a few notches, with a CNN reporter (Ego Nwodim) acting bewildered about why The Try Guys are making headlines, and especially why a segment on President Biden’s stance on Ukraine has to be cut short to cut to breaking news of The Try Guys sitting on a couch talking about Fulmer.

The reporter asks the three Try Guys, “So the entire story is your pal had a side girl and you fired him?”

Yang, who is played by Bowen Yang, replies, “Yes, we had no option.” And we pray that he is lying on his back someplace with a bullet lodged in his abdomen and brain.

The three remaining Try Guys request that the cameras return to them so they can continue discussing the “horror we are suffering‚Ķ this is the struggle of our life” despite the reporter’s attempts to redirect the newscast back to Iran being on the eve of a cultural revolution.

An explanation of the Try Guys and Ned Fulmer plays

In 2014, The Try Guys began as a Buzzfeed series, but it eventually became independent.

Certainly one factor in the story’s popularity? Fulmer was well known for being a “wife person,” or for regularly gushingly about his wife, Ariel Fulmer, in public. The two collaborated on a book and frequently participated in the podcast You Can Sit With Us.

Fulmer is referred to as “white guy wife guy Try Guy Ned” in the SNL video by The Try Guys.

After a now-deleted video of Fulmer kissing a coworker was shared online, the infidelity rumour took off. Ned Fulmer and his wife both issued comments as media surrounding the couple expanded, including stories, Reddit discussions, and TikToks.

According to Ned Fulmer’s statement, “Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consenting professional relationship.” “I apologise for any harm my actions may have brought to the boys, the fans, and especially Ariel. My marriage and my kids are the only things that count right now, so I’m going to concentrate on them.”

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