Breaking News: Birthday boy Karan Kundrra reveals he is ‘in love with Tejashwi Prakash’

Karan Kundrra: Today is Karan Kundrra’s birthday. He talks about how Bigg Boss 15 helped him reconnect with his fans, how he met Tejasswi Prakash, how they fell in love and his dreams of making it big in Bollywood.

For more than ten years, Karan Kundrra has worked in the television industry. While he became famous after his debut episode, his enthusiasm grew tenfold when he competed in Bigg Boss 15. Additionally, Tejasswi Prakash, who appeared on the show, found love again in his life. The actor turns 38 today, and images that are circulating in the media show the lavish celebration the pair attended last night. once spoke with the birthday boy regarding the movie “Karan 2.0” that came out after Bigg Boss. The actor revealed that the only difference is that his followers have grown closer to being family to him and that he is refusing to refer to it as his second innings. “I wasn’t trying to restart my career after it had already ended. However, there is a distinction in popularity, yes. People had opinions about me after seeing me in my roles as an actor, host, and judge. But now that they are around me constantly, they have become like family,” Karan said.

The actor continued by saying that his followers wait up until dinnertime to watch him arrive at home. Many regularly monitor his health and are fully aware of

When Tejasswi was talking about finding love, we inquired as to whether the continual scrutiny of the public and media started to wear on him. Do they always feel under pressure to project a positive image? We didn’t hesitate to fight in front of the camera while we were contestants on Bigg Boss, and we still do it today. We have always felt that we should follow our instincts. Yes, we are now more concerned with each other’s development. What we desire is that. We were unable to do it in the show. All I want to say is that we will succeed today like we did during our Bigg Boss adventure.

Then, we asked him to list the qualities of his partner that he loves, dislikes, and tolerates. I love everything about her, was the quick response. He continued, saying that her simplicity is what has him fawning over her. “She is very genuine in all she does. You can tell how she is my little girl and the beloved daughter of her parents even at public gatherings.

Regarding hatred, the actor claimed that he and those present had observed how frequently she was influenced by others. It says, “Dusron ke baaton mein aajati hai” (She listens to others). I believe this has been noted by everyone in our vicinity. There’s nothing about each other that I can endure, he chuckled, adding, “I simply want her to listen to me.

Last but not least, when we asked Karan Kundrra about his goals for Bollywood, he said that he has always aspired to be a part of a great tale and collaborate with amazing individuals. “Fortunately, exciting things are occurring. I communicated with several excellent filmmakers. Let’s see the process.

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