Breaking news: Google Play Store Removes OG Apps

Google Play Store: The OG App, an Instagram client that promised to offer an ad-free and suggestion-free feed, was taken off the Play Store by Google almost a week after Apple withdrew it from the App Store.

The co-founders of Un1feed, the firm that created The OG App, said on Twitter that once the app was taken down from both the iOS and Android app stores, the startup wouldn’t be able to support its users. Over 25,000 downloads were reported during the brief time the software was available, according to the developers.

Google declined to respond to the article.

Un1feed introduced The OG App around the end of last month with the aim of giving users a personalised Instagram experience. It did this by deconstructing Instagram for Android API. But that led to a number of problems that may have endangered users’ security and privacy.

Following the app’s release, Instagram owner Meta stated that the business is “taking all applicable enforcement procedures” since the software breached its standards. However, it gave no information on the steps it took.

Apple deleted the app from the App Store at the same time, claiming that it was using Instagram’s service in an unlawful way. The Cupertino-based tech company also claimed that The OG App broke the App Store’s terms of service, which forbids applications from showing material from other apps by doing so.

The makers of The OG App stated in a message posted on their website that they are currently considering the next steps and will give more details in the coming weeks.

After experiencing many security hiccups, Meta has tightened its controls over who may access user data and has limited the information that can be shown through its APIs outside of its family of applications. It’s hardly unexpected that the business moved quickly to reprimand a method for displaying material that made use of unauthorised APIs.

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