Bigg Boss 16: What Shalin Bhanot said on Soundarya Sharma’s undergarments

Soundarya Sharma: Bigg Boss 16 has had success. We have witnessed a great number of intriguing things taking place within the house over the course of the past week. This year’s contestants were Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Choudhary, Manya Singh, Gautam Vig, Archana Gautam, Gori Nagori, Tina Datta, Soundarya Sharma, Sreejitaa Dee, Mc Stan, Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, and Shalin Bhanot.

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There have been several events throughout the program, and numerous bouts have already taken place. We recently witnessed Shalin Bhanot kissing Soundarya Sharma for amusement and to taunt Gautam Vig. Shalin wanted to make fun of Gautam since he likes Soundarya a much.

After that, we witnessed Gautam admonishing Soundarya to stay away from such situations. He said that she ought to have declined his advances the first time around, because it appears that he felt free to flirt with her. If I were your girlfriend, I wouldn’t do that, replied Soundarya.
In one of the most recent episodes, we observed Shalin criticising Soundarya’s undergarments in front of Tina Datta. Soundarya initially mistook it for a joke but subsequently told Gautam about it.

I didn’t know I was wearing Calvin Klein, but Shalin spotted it and said, “I have a joke only if you can hear,” She recalled that Tina prodded him to tell it, and he spoke about it. Then Gautam advised her to speak out right away and inform Shalin that she found this situation objectionable.

Additionally, we observed Soundarya talking to Mc Stan and expressing her uncertainty as to whether Gautam and Shalin are genuine friends or just acting amusingly. She said that they frequently discuss one another behind the other’s back.

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