A 4.8-magnitude Earthquake shakes the Korean district of Chhattisgarh Full video:

Earthquake: In the early hours of Friday, a 4.8-magnitude earthquake was reported to have shaken sections of the Korea district in Chhattisgarh’s northern area.

Earthquake Today video

Earthquake Video

The Korean area has experienced an earthquake three times in the past three months.

“Around 5.28 am, a 4.8-magnitude earthquak was felt in the Chhindand neighbourhood close to Baikunthpur, the district’s administrative centre. The earthquake’s epicentre was 10 kilometres beneath the surface of the planet “a government representative claimed.

“He said, “It was a minor, moderate-category earthquake that did not inflict any serious destruction, but it may have caused damage to kutcha (mud) dwellings located within a 20-kilometer radius of the earthquake’s centre.” No fatalities or property damage have been recorded thus far, “authorities added.

Local officials have been told to keep a close eye on the issue and report back if any harm has been done, they said.

Earlier this year, there were two earthquaks registered in the Korea district in July and one in the nearby Surajpur district in August.

A 4.6-magnitude earthquak struck the Baikunthpur region on July 29. Prior to it, on July 11, a 4.3-magnitude earthquak was noted in the same region. A 3.0-magnitude earthquak was felt in the Gangoti region of Surajpur on August 4.

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