The finale of ‘The Rings of Power’ Sauron Revealed

In The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’s climax, Sauron made his identity known after weeks of buildup. Galadriel discovered that Halbrand was truly the Dark Lord in last night’s episode, revealing that Sauron has been lurking right beneath our noses the entire time. Halbrand becomes interested in Celebrimbor’s plan to employ mithril to make some type of item that can be used to transmit the light of the Simarils onto the elves and keep them from disappearing from Middle-earth after visiting Eregion for elvish healing.

Halbrand offers an option: construct an alloy using mithril and other metals, then use the new, more powerful metal to make a crown. Halbrand does provide this guidance as “a Gift,” even though he never uses the pseudonym Annatar (which Sauron used in The Simarillion and means “Lord of Gifts”).

Galadriel’s suspicions increased as Celebrimbor began to characterise the power of the proposed crown as a means of controlling the might of the “Unseen World” rather than as a means of saving the elves. Galadriel conducted more study on the King of the Southlands since that power sounded just like how Adar had characterised Sauron’s actual objective. She approached Halbrand after learning that the line of Southlands rulers had been extinct for a millennium.

Sauron said that Galadriel was the one who forced him to assume the title of King and that he never actually lied about his identity during a scene in which he enters Galadriel’s thoughts. Despite his desire to rule Middle-Earth, Sauron does give Galadriel a position by his side as his queen. When she awakens, Halbrand/Sauron has left and returned to Mordor after she refuses the offer.

Halbrand’s assistance does, however, result in something positive, as Celebrimbor uses the mithril and Galadriel’s dagger (which was previously owned by her brother Finrod) to make the three Rings of Power for the elves, which were immune to Sauron’s power.

Future seasons of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power will have to reveal how these Elven Rings are employed in the conflict with Sauron and how Sauron ultimately creates the remaining rings.

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