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Sidharth Malhotra: Rohit Shetty Success provides you the courage to take greater chances, which is its main advantage. In light of this, one might envision Sidharth Malhotra being eager to take more risks a year following the huge success of Shershaah (2021). His entrance into digital entertainment with Rohit Shetty’s Indian Police Force, starring Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Vivek Oberoi, is one of these moves. Had he any concerns before making the jump? There can be no question about working with Rohit Shetty for a young talent.

Sidharth Malhotra Rohit Shetty
Sidharth Malhotra Rohit Shetty

He shows the Hindi cinema heroes in a manly manner, which [I appreciate]. I was [excited] to give action a try. I was down until he proposed the OTT concept. In a Rohit Shetty world, who wouldn’t want to be a police officer? He is the first action movie director,” the actor exults.

Thanks to the OTT explosion, Indian entertainment has seen a significant transformation in the last two years. Theater attendance is declining as a result of viewers having access to new tales on their phones and laptops.

Malhotra recognises that actors and directors need to step up their game in his next film Thank God starring Ajay Devgn. “The distinctions between OTT and [theatrical] movies have become hazy. I’m happy that people can view stuff on their phones. Film performers have an intriguing issue since we need to do much more to entice them to the theatre. All of today’s young performers are simultaneously attempting one [online] show or another.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of OTT has affected one’s celebrity. As a result of digital entertainment, a new generation of star performers has developed, and Bollywood’s bigwigs are also content to swap in the big screen for laptop displays. How does he see the modification? “There weren’t many entertainment options earlier. We now have theatres, social media, and a variety of ways to consume material. As a result, the definition of a star has evolved. Every category now has a star, and the game has altered as a result. Movies will always be alluring. Nowadays, we benefit from technology and creative story-telling techniques. When I was having trouble, my only options were TV and movies. However, I now own more [mediums].

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