Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Ayesha angrily shouted at Azeem

Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Things in the house appear to be growing worse as the days go by. Azeem, Vikraman, and Asal have frequently observed picking conflicts with other people. Since the morning, the video of Azeem and Ayesha arguing vehemently has been doing the rounds.

While completing a task, the two began to argue. After the fight had been going on for a while, Azeem started calling Ayesha names, which infuriated her. She urged him to behave correctly and refrain from needless provocation. She also demanded an explanation for his decision to treat her disrespectfully in spite of her previous polite behaviour.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6

Muthu and Asal tried to stop the fights between them even though the other housemates were unable to stop them but in vain. Azeem cautioned Vikraman not to seem overly clever when the latter asked him to preserve the etiquette. Vikraman appeared irritated by Azeem’s pointless remark.

an unstoppable Then Ayesha commanded Azeem to refrain from provoking conflicts with everyone. The two fought again since the latter did not appreciate the former pointing a finger at her. When Dhanalakshmi attempted to calm Azeem down, he turned on her as well.

The video clip was shared on Twitter by a lot of programme fans. The majority of them believe Azeem should be sent out as soon as possible. A few even included Kamal Haasan in their photos while tweeting with the hashtag “Red Card for Azeem.”

Some of the regular fans continued by claiming that Bigg Boss Tamil’s current season has the most misogynistic contestants in its whole history. They gave Ayesha a lot of encouragement for speaking out against Azeem’s harmful behaviour over and over again. Robert, who was seen sitting by himself in a corner, was chastised for not getting involved in the situation.

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