Breaking news: There was a crisis on WhatsApp in social media: Know the whole truth about it. why WhatsApp was Down?

WhatsApp Down: Following a brief interruption, WhatsApp services have been restored. The app was unavailable for millions of users in India and other countries for over two hours. Users were unable to exchange messages and use features like WhatsApp’s audio and video calls during the outage. Soon after WhatsApp customers began posting issues online, Meta released a statement and promised a quick return of the service. The precise reason for the outage is yet unknown, though.


What transpired when WhatsApp was down?

Today, October 25, at about 12:30 PM, several users began experiencing problems with the WhatsApp mobile app and website, according to the outage tracker Downdetector. At that time, over 2,000 users on the website complained about problems with the app. Additionally, Downdetector noted that 21% of users experienced difficulty with server connections, while 69% of users had trouble sending messages. For unexplained reasons, 9% of users were unable to use the app.

After the outage became more widespread in India and other countries, WhatsApp parent company Meta quickly issued a statement. “We’re aware that some users are presently experiencing difficulty sending messages, and we’re trying to restore WhatsApp for everyone as fast as possible,” a spokeswoman said.

Notably, users in India and abroad had no issues using WhatsApp’s siblings Instagram, Facebook, and the Messenger app, all of which are part of the Meta family. Twitter was also awash in worries about WhatsApp. WhatsApp down was the most popular hashtag at the time this story was being written.

Why was WhatsApp unavailable?

As previously said, Meta has not yet identified what caused the outage. Nevertheless, millions of users have experienced platform outages before.

Coincidentally, in October 2021, WhatsApp had a significant global outage. The business said that its services were unavailable at the time owing to a DNS issue. Simply enough, DNS converts plain computer-friendly codes and numeric IP addresses into human-readable texts (like Abhik or India Today).

Technically, the business said last year, “Our engineering teams have discovered that problems resulting from configuration modifications on the backbone routers that manage network traffic between our data centers were disrupted. Our services were interrupted as a result of the network traffic disturbance since it had a domino effect on how our data centers interact “.

Consequently, the present outage could be caused by a similar DNS-related problem. We are awaiting further information from WhatsApp.

Has WhatsApp recovered fully?

Some users could still have problems while transmitting messages or media files on WhatsApp, some users could still have problems. However, it will soon be repaired.

According to the renowned WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp Business API is still offline.

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