Kantara movie online watch: 2022 Full HD 1080p in Hindi

Kantara movie online watch: The Kannada movie Kantara, which debuted on September 30, has received favorable reviews ever since and now has the highest rating of any Indian movie on IMDB (9.3 out of 10). The movie is succeeding in the marketplace and is very close to generating Rs 200 crores.

However, it has recently become the subject of debate. Actor and activist Chetan received several complaints in Karnataka over his comments on a cultural practise seen in the movie, and on Saturday (October 22), Bengaluru police filed a case against him under section 505 (2) of the Indian Penal Code (Statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes). After Shiva Kumar, the Bajarang Dal convenor for Bengaluru North, filed a complaint with the police,

Kantara movie online watch 2022 Full HD 1080p in Hindi
Kantara movie online watch 2022 Full HD 1080p in Hindi

What’s the plot of the movie Kantara?

The film, which has been dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, stars Kannada actor and filmmaker Rishab Shetty.

The fictitious tale, which spans over two centuries, is motivated by the connection that exists between woods and people. In 1847, a king travels in quest of tranquilly and magically discovers it in the shape of Panjurli, a heavenly ghost that guards the forest and its creatures. He then asks the forest residents to grant Panjurli permission to return home with him and grants them ownership of the forest areas in return.

The movie then shifts to the 1990s, when a forest inspector seeks to designate the area as a “reserve forest,” a bureaucratic designation that is mostly unknown to locals. Shetty portrays their unofficial youthful leader, a descendant of the monarch who is now the ‘landlord’ of the forest inhabitants. Shetty is also sprung from a family that has long engaged in “Bhoota Kola,” a popular animist style of worship in coastal Karnataka. Bhoota Kola is the topic at hand.

Describe Bhoota Kola.

A yearly ceremonial performance called Boota Kola is used to honor local spirits or gods. It’s thought that everyone who performs the rite momentarily transforms into a deity. This performer is revered and feared in the neighborhood and is said to provide solutions to people’s concerns on behalf of the deity. In the Tulu-speaking region of the Dakshina Kannada, Uttara Kannada, and Udupi districts, a number of “Bhootas” are worshipped. It is often carried out in remote places and tiny localities.

What’s the big deal about the controversy?

Rishab Shetty said in an interview that Bhoota Kola was a part of Hindu tradition. It is a component of Hindu ceremonies and culture. I am a Hindu, and no one may dispute my belief in my faith or my practises. What we have mentioned has been done so using a component of Hindu dharma.

However, actor-turned-activist Chetan Kumar said that Bhoota Kola was not a Hindu ritual but rather an Adivasi practice that had been “hijacked” by Aryans who immigrated to India later.

“Glad our Kannada film ‘Kantara’ is making national waves,” Chetan wrote in a tweet. Bhoota Kola, according to director Rishab Shetty, is “Hindu culture.” False. Vedic-Brahminical Hinduism predates the Bahujan traditions of our Pambada/Nike/Parawa. We want accurate depictions of Moolnivasi cultures both on and off the screen.

Chetan has long been outspoken on socio-cultural concerns and is well-known in campaigns for the rights of farmers, laborers, Dalits, and Adivasis. He has advocated for the housing of tribal people who were expelled from Kodagu, Karnataka (2016), the rehabilitation of endosulfan poisoning victims (2013), and more recently, the recognition of Lingayats as a distinct religious group. Chetan was detained in February of this year as a result of his alleged comments against a Karnataka High Court judge who was considering issues involving the hijab in schools.

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Kantara movie online watch

Kantara movie online watch

There is no chance of an OTT release anytime soon; it is anticipated that Kantara Digital rights will be acquired by Amazon Prime Video in the second to fourth week of November. However, the movie is breaking box office records and is currently enjoying its box office rides, especially with Hindi audiences.

In addition to dominating the box office, Kantara has a surprising IMDb rating (9.3) even 25 days after its release. Rishabh Shetty, an actor and director, has garnered a lot of recognition for his outstanding acting and directing.

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