Enjoying Ileana D’Cruz at the beach. see photos

Ileana D’Cruz said in her most recent post that she “surrounded herself with the best type of light” during Diwali this year. Along with actress Anya Singh, actor Vihaan Samat, director Karishma Kohli, and her sister, producer Pooja Kohli, she celebrated the festival of lights on the beach with her friends and co-stars. The actress hasn’t specified where she will be staying during the post. Ileana can be seen hanging out with her friends and other actors in every picture, enjoying the sunshine and having fun in the sand on the beach. She looks lovely in her white bikini. Ileana shared the images and commented, “This Diwali, I surrounded myself with the best type of light. And blessed, if I may say so. She also acknowledged the actors Anya and Vihaan from the film Never Kiss Your Best Friend, who left her post with some adorable comments.

Vihaan Samat posted, “You blessed, I blessed, we all blessed,” and Anya responded, “Lanapiieeeee.

Enjoying Ileana D'Cruz at the beach. see photos 1
Enjoying Ileana D’Cruz at the beach.

Along with them were actor-producer Mikhail Yawalkar and social media influencer-turned-actor Vishnu Kaushal. It appears that Ileana, Anya Singh, Vihaan Samat, Vishnu, and Mikhail are all currently in the midst of filming a new project based on the pictures and Instagram Stories they have all shared. According to reports, it is a female-led program that is supported by Applause Entertainment and directed by Karishma Kohli.

Enjoying Ileana beach

Ileana D’Cruz has previously posted pictures with Anya Singh. The Barfi! star had previously uploaded similar ROFL selfie to Instagram with an equally funny comment. “Our last two brain cells attempting to keep it togetherā€¦and failing,” the caption read.

Ileana D’Cruz’s next film appearance will be in Lovers, directed by Shirsha Guha Thakurta. The Big Bull, in which Abhishek Bachchan costarred, was her most recent endeavor. Kookie Gulati was the director and Ajay Devgn was the producer of the movie. Anya Singh, meanwhile, recently appeared in the online series Kaun Banega Shikhar Vati.

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