Bigg Boss 16 Updates: Know what Salman Khan told Abdu Rozik

Abdu Rozik: Salman Khan appears to be in the mood to pull a practical joke on the Bigg Boss 16 contestants in order to teach them a lesson about nominating Abdu Rozik, believing that the audience won’t vote him out since he is “strong.” In a recent teaser, Salman is seen telling Abdu Rozik to leave the house because he has been kicked out.

Salman Khan said shocking news. Will Abdu Rozik go out of Bigg Boss house?,” Colors captioned the social media post in which the promo was posted. (Salman revealed frightening information; will Abdu leave the house?) The contenders are shown in the video being yelled at by Salman Khan, who is heard shouting, “Aap “>Abdu ko nominate karte rahte ho bol ke ki strong hai, powerful hai.” Aapko nateeja dekhna. You guys keep nominating Abdu because you believe he is a strong person, but Abdu chhod ke jara hai yaha se. Do you wish to view the outcome? Abdu is currently leaving the house. As soon as Salman announces Abdu’s eviction, the video shows numerous candidates reacting in amazement,,, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia falling down.

A viewer said in response to the promo video: “Nimrit ki overacting check karo.” “I know he is not going anywhere but I think this is incredibly important for everyone to know how much he is vital in the house,” another wrote. Another spectator remarked, “Abdu is not leaving.” He is the heart and soul of the strongest friendship between #BiggBoss16 and #ShiBdu. Shiv would be astonished, so don’t pull a joke on Abdu; he’s already stressed out from being nominated. Abdu kay sath prank na kro bechara bacha pehle se nomination se tension mai tha. I only watch @biggboss for #ShivThakare and #AbduRozik. Additionally, a comment said, “Abdu, yeh nhi jaa sakta. He cannot leave because everything will become monotonous without him.


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