Bigg boss 16: Tina Dutta and Sumbul Touqeer Khan had an argument over Shalin Bhanot

Actor Shalin Bhanot has announced his intention to leave the current season of Bigg Boss 16 due to the constant bickering and allegations that have been flying around the house. This season of Bigg Boss sees Salman Khan return as the show’s host on Fridays and Saturdays.

At the beginning of Friday’s programme, Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer tried to calm down Shalin following his altercation with MC Stan. They cautioned him against losing his temper and using abusive language. Tina eventually became frustrated with Sumbul and shouted at her to leave.

Tina and Sumbul both pleaded with each other to cool down. This, Tina said, is the last frontier of possessiveness. For what reason does she treat him like he is her closest friend? She has no authority to tell me such things. When it comes to people, do you find yourself lonely? You spend all day with Shalin, as in, “Shalin ko pakad ke rakhti hai din bhar.”

Sumbul was also heard indicating that she could not remain at home under the current circumstances. Turning to the camera, Shalin Bhanot remarked, “He (Stan) began assaulting and prodding. View the recordings and act accordingly. Otherwise, tomorrow is a guarantee that I will be gone.

Later on, Bigg Boss 16 gathered Shalin, Tina, and MC Stan together for a meeting. Bigg Boss 16 got into an altercation with Tina before he could inform Shalin of anything. Bigg Boss also told him to cool off, saying that Shalin had been trying to make Tina feel better, but that the argument had started because he wouldn’t listen to either MC Stan or himself.

According to Bigg Boss, the violence and abuse grew so bad that the videos were banned from airing. Bigg Boss wanted Tina to determine who was to blame for the brawl, but Shalin opposed it, saying he didn’t care what Tina thought.

After Tina made the observation that MC Stan was more violent than Shalin, Bigg Boss 16 said that they both battled and abused one another. Shalin announced his resignation from the programme after Tina and MC Stan had left the room. When asked about his participation in the programme, he responded, “I am delighted to be part of the show, but he would not remain in the show if Shiv Thakare or MC Stan continued to be there.”

Shalin vented his frustration with Tina talking to MC Stan instead of him, he informed Gautam Singh Vig afterwards. That girl treated me like a piece of tissue. Never again do I want to see her in the eye. Woah, what a stud. She was born to be a star. I confided in her with every part of me. Nothing could have had such a profound effect on me. Don’t put your faith in her; she’s a player.

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