Bigg boss 16: First improbable appearance by Sreejita De

Tv actress Sreejita de, who was the first housemate eliminated from Bigg Boss Season 16, will return as the season’s first wild card entrant. Recent rumours on social media suggest she may be at the mansion as soon as today. Likewise, the Twitter account @BiggBoss Tak, which is often updated with information on the programme, tweeted about the development. Sreejita De will join the #BiggBoss16 home today as a Wild Card competitor, the post said. “She was the first person to be booted from the competition, and now she’ll be the first Wild Card player today.

Since the news started to spread around the web, fans have been too excited to keep it in.

The likelihood of this week’s eviction of Tina was predicted by one user. Once Tina enters the picture, competition between her and Sreejita de is almost certain; SreejitaDe is almost certainly going to end up with PriyAnkit, while Tina will most likely attempt to form bonds with other groups, perhaps creating distance in the ShaTina relationship. I’m curious to see what happens on #BB16. “It would be great to see the stated if she had a chance she would show Tina her house the battle I won’t be able to get enough,” said another person. ” Obviously, Sreejita had nothing further to say about Tina, as I had suspected. She also threatened to “expose Tina” if given the opportunity after being booted off the show. As another user put it, “also predict Gautam’s return as wildcard #BiggBoss16 #BB16.”

Fans are going crazy about Sreejita De’s return, but it would be fascinating to watch how Tina Dutta reacts, considering the two actresses haven’t gotten along since their ‘Uttaran’ days.

The love and camaraderie of the Bigg Boss housemates have taken some unexpected turns recently, and the programme has been doing well on the TRP rankings. The introduction of the first wild card into an already chaotic situation is sure to shake up the competitors’ strategies. Some viewers believe this season is unfairly slanted in favour of select contenders, including Abdu and Sajid Khan, while others are completely on board.

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